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Progress Bar OSX alternatives and competitors

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Progress Bar OSX shows you exactly how much % of the year, month and day has progressed in your OSX menu bar. Inspired by Year Progress tweets

Top Progress Bar OSX alternatives
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  • Effortless is a Mac app that helps you stay focused and do one thing at a time.

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    Really enjoy the implementation of this simple app. Would be useful to consider any of the following in a Pro plan:

    1 - Pomodoro

    2 - Integrati…

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  • Gone is an ephemeral to-do list. All tasks will disappear within 24 hours of adding them. Complete your tasks each day before they go away.

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    One big problem with to-do list apps is that to-dos tend to pile up. I specifically wanted something ephemeral - just for the day. This solv…

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  • Many people of other todo apps know this problem. You write everything down and forget it. Planny was created to intelligently plan your day and also remind you intelligently, when you tend to forget your daily tasks. It was also created to use all the available possibilities and technologies that Apple offers to create a great experience

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    Very good to do list app. Not as advanced as the likes of Wunderlist and todoist but great integration with apple ecosystem

  • An app to remind you that time moves fast. Time is a priceless asset that we should not waste. Procrastination is one of the biggest problems that plagues our generation. This app aims to reduce procrastination by notifying you of how much time is left in the year. Increase your productivity, stay motivated, and don't let your time go to waste

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    We all need a reminder that time shouldn't be wasted

  • Taskful is a smart to-do list and task manager app that helps you stay on track and meet your deadlines. It breaks down all of your tasks and only shows you what you need to do today so you can stay focused and motivated.

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    This app is really beautifully designed, and I'm a todo app addict kind of lol. This is way nicer to use than Microsoft To-Do.



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  • Replace the chrome new tab page with fun and colorful motivation 💪

    Displays the current year progress with beautiful new gradient backgrounds on every tab ⏳

    Get things done, Be motivated! 😇

    Inspired by Year Progress Twitter(https://twitter.com/year_progress)

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    It's nice to have a new tab page that is useful for once.

  • Day Night

    Day Night is a desktop app that shows you how much time left in percentage. You can keep track of today, month and year time in percentage. In addition to that, Day Night have awake mode, sleep mode and changes the theme automatically according to the day time and night time.

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  • Day Night for macOS

    Payment required
    Day Night for macOS is a desktop app that shows you how much time left in percentage.
    You can keep track of today, month and year time in percentage. Day Night have awake mode, sleep mode and changes the theme automatically according to the real time.
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  • Progress

    Progress is a simple and minimal function App.
    Check your progress with Widget in your home screen.
    Good Design App for new iOS14.
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  • ProgressBar is a Windows taskbar app that shows your day and year progress, so you can make time for what matters.
    💬 user review: "ProgressBar really helps me see the day progress, jump out of procrastinating and crack on with important tasks for the day" 😃
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  • Progress Dashboard replaces your boring chrome new tab with powerful & customizable time progress bars to keep you productive! Highly inspired by year progress tweets.
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    I've been using this product as my new tab extension from the first version of the product (eternity) onwards. it is so Great product

  • Work with simple and beautiful designed lists to structure your thoughts, ideas and projects into actionable steps. momentum is a powerful web-application:

    - loosely based on GTD (inbox, projects, someday, next-steps, review...)

    - offline mode (PWA)

    - automated next steps

    - endless nesting of projects and tasks

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  • ReadlineJs

    A position indicator at the top of the page to visually display how far you have read the content of a Blog.
    Simple to Setup
    Simple to Config
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  • Generate cool progress bars to showcase your MRR progress toward your dream goals on your Twitter bio. 🤑

    Perfect for indie hackers & entrepreneurs who build in public their open startups on social media profiles, like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
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  • Stop reliving the same day over and over – start tracking and improving your life by checking in with yourself once a week.
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    Cute illustrations

  • Just Focus is a clean and simple app to help you improve your productivity. It's now available on iOS and macOS.

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    The super product.! I am happy 🤗

  • Progressr

    Visually track progress toward a goal.
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  • Vestige

    Tracking your goals makes sure you achieve them. This allows you to see your goals and your progress towards it!

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  • We often do not understand how much time we actually have! Oh, its 6PM

    I do not have time to do this... no, you have 25% of the day left. Get more

    done by watching your progress.

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    Wish it had a cute accomplishment notification!

  • Memento Mori Notion Calendar

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    Payment required
    A digital Stoic Calendar built in Notion, around the principle of Memento Mori; remembering that you'll die.
    By using the calendar, you'll start living a little better by being reminded of your mortality every week as you check off another one lived.
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