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A smarter way to tell your users about product updates.

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Allan Caeg- Founder,
It does exactly what you described
tampajohn- CTO, Bringhub
I was introduced to Roadmap the other month and to be honest, I'm really impressed with how well it's coming along. It takes the approach of leveraging user/stakeholder feedback to generate ideas and user stories, but in the end it works very well (and integrates with github right out of the box).
Brittany Fuller- Co-founder @ Roadmap
Thanks for the feedback, John! We built Roadmap, but we also use Roadmap to plan weekly releases since we launched (here on PH last October). I love how Roadmap keeps us focused on development people care about and how it helps us create beta groups and do more effective product research. Engagements from our public roadmap keep us motivated and help us co… See more
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Platform for makers to share their projects progress

Roadmap is a platform for makers to show a public product roadmap so others can see what the product is going to shape out to be. Future additions will be so users can suggest and upvote feature requests.

Toni Codina- Product designer & owner of Noon Studios
Roadmap is a useful platform for sharing your project's progress through milestones.
I'm Adam, and, like many product makers, I've always struggled to find the time to complete my personal projects. I came to the realization that what I was missing was that sense of accountability - so I created Roadmap, a public accountability board where you can share your ideas for future and ongoing projects with an active community of product makers.
5 Alternatives to Roadmap

Are there any hosted solutions that let you share product change logs with your users?

Nagarjun Palavalli
productboard 2.0 - The product management tool for makers who care.
"Hey Nagarjun, productboard now has a public facing Portal where you can share ideas you're considering, features you plan on building, or f… See more
Canny - The easiest way to collect & manage feedback
"I have your same exact concerns about not wanting something overly complicated (especially since I'm a one-person team), which is why I've … See more
Headway - Easiest way to keep your customers in the loop
"Recently came across this. Haven't tried but seems nice."
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