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Pro HDR X alternatives and competitors

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The world's most popular HDR app, now on iOS 8
Top Pro HDR X alternatives
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  • Moment Pro is now across both photo and *video* including RAW and full manual controls to easily adjust exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, image format, and key ingredients in great mobile filmmaking like color profiles, bitrates, waveforms, RGB histograms and now both PAL and NTSC frame rates.

    "OMG I can't believe this was shot on a phone!" - I think it's what their ads are saying but this is just so true. The app is the perfect ad…

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  • Aurora HDR 2018 is the world’s ultimate HDR photo solution, chock-full of new tools and capabilities that will exceed your expectations. As a one-stop tool kit for casual and pro photographers alike, its versatile interface features a faster, more powerful, more feature-rich and satisfying experience than any other HDR software.

    U can take 1 image or Brackets and using all filters, instruments and create cool pictures!

  • HDR Plus+

    Hello PH,
    HDR Plus+ allows you to create HDR images by choosing the best exposures for the current scenario.
    - manual ISO and exposure time control
    - choose each exposure for your scenario while capturing
    - capture images are combined into a great HDR Image