Alternative products to Prisma Cloud

8 alternative and related products to Prisma Cloud

Prisma Cloud

GraphQL database platform

Prisma Cloud is a GraphQL-based database platform and is the easiest way to run Prisma in production.

- Serverless cluster hosting

- Powerful data browser to explore and edit data

- Team collaboration

- Metrics & database insights

8 Alternatives to Prisma Cloud

Simple, clean & engaging charts for designers & developers.

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Code Envato Tuts+
People normally don't want to go through a large amount of data presented to them in form of text or tables. Mostly that's because it is boring, but more importantly, it's a little harder to process raw numbers.
Tobias Ahlin
Tobias Ahlin | Designer and developer
Jack Rometty takes you on a tour of Chart.js 2.0 and its various chart types. He includes plenty of easy-to-follow examples to drop in to your next project.
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GraphQL IDE for better development workflows

GraphQL Playground is an IDE for working with GraphQL APIs to write queries, mutations & subscriptions with features like auto-completion, error handling and team collaboration. The Playground can be used as a web-based version or standalone on all desktop platforms.

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Graphcool Blog
GraphQL is a powerful technology that is revolutionising the way how APIs are designed. Besides its expressiveness when fetching data from a server, another key strength of GraphQL is the tooling ecosystem around it.
14 Alternatives to GraphQL Playground

Visualize boring data into beautiful charts & graphs.

Payman Taei
Payman Taei- Founder, Visme
Rather than creating hard to understand data, visualize it into an engaging Chart/Infographics to improve your audience information retention. You have about 20 different charts types and widgets to quickly create charts and reports.
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Think of it as a marriage between key features of a presentation tool married with common design features to help you create a variety of visual content be it a Presentation, an Infographic, reports, and even social and web graphics.
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Unlock the full power of GraphQL

Apollo Engine delivers essential capabilities like query caching, error tracking, and execution tracing on top of any spec-compliant GraphQL server including Apollo Server, GraphQL-Ruby, Sangria, and Absinthe.

Free Forever - up to 1 million requests per month.

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Apollo GraphQL
Today we're excited to introduce Apollo Engine, our new turnkey infrastructure that helps you take GraphQL services into production with confidence. The successor to Apollo Optics, Engine delivers essential capabilities like query caching, error tracking, and execution tracing on top of any spec-compliant GraphQL server including Apollo Server, GraphQL-Ruby,… See more
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Take control of your work apps.


Smart workspace help you organise similar applications and provide easy access to your SaaS directly through the dashboard.

Message & Notifications

Get messages and notifications from all your apps in a organized format.

Spend Tracker

Track how much you are spending on your SaaS apps and reduce redundant expense.

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The cloud computing revolution created a shift from on-premise desktop to cloud-based web applications. Since the web client/browser is the main access interface for the majority of SaaS, most work is done using a web browser. Our dependence on a web browser made us question that, are we so used to it that we are simply unaware of its limitations?
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