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AI that turns your photos into artwork in seconds

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Pikazo 2.0

Turn anything into art in two taps

Globalapps T- Another Tech guy
This is the first Neral Art App I found of its kind, It has the freedom to choose any style for transfer
noah rosenberg- founded Pikazo, now a new thing
Hey Product Hunt! We're so excited to be back to the place where it all got started. We've learned so much from all of the incredible artists that we've met since launching here back in November. We think Pikazo 2.0 will do a better job than ever of creating incredible, electrifying art that connects you to the old masters and impresses you and the people… See more
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Sticky AI

Convert selfies into stickers using AI

Sticky AI is an app from the makers of Prisma that uses artificial neural network to help you create your own selfie-stickers incredibly fast! Create still and animated stickers, save them to the sticker pack and share easily to your conversations.

What do you do after garnering tens of millions of downloads and scores of clones of your AI-powered style transfer app? Why, keep innovating of course. Meet Sticky, the next app from the startup behind Prisma, which turns selfies into stylized and/or animated stickers for sharing to your social feeds.
The Verge
Sticky AI is a new app from Prisma Labs, the second product from the developer following the company's eponymous AI-powered art filter app that took the web by storm last summer. But instead of using neural networking to transform your pictures into works of art, Sticky AI sets its sights a bit lower, aiming to create great selfie stickers to use in iMessage… See more
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Portrait by

Create amazing, stylized selfies and portraits instantly

With Portrait, you can create amazing, stylized selfies and portraits instantly.

Deep learning, a subfield of machine learning, has become one of the most known areas in the ongoing AI hype. Having led to many important publications and impressive results, it is applied to dozens of different scenarios and has already yielded interesting results like human-like speech generation, high accuracy object detection, advanced machine translati… See more
How we built the Portrait App. A new generation of A.I. algorithms, propelled by rising computational power, new hardware, and a shift in paradigms made its first notable impact in the creative world: The works of Gatys et al. and Krizhevsky et al.
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Real-time artistic photo and video effects

D E R R I C- Product Manager, BeFunky
Thank you @bentossell for hunting us! 9 years ago, we debuted an online Video Cartoonizer that went on to be a finalist at the first TechCrunch 40 (now TC Disrupt). Soon after our debut, photography saw explosive growth which led us to shift our focus to photo editing and brought about BeFunky's Photo Editor. Now that video is becoming more accessible and e… See more
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Convert videos and images into neural art in realtime

Pratyush Verma- Cofounder, NeuralPainter
Hi, Thanks @bentossell for hunting us. Very excited to present NeuralPainting on PH. NeuralPainting, is a SaaS solution where we manage and scale the backend to provide you with the best and fastest solution to neural art. We worked hard to provide the fastest possible solution to convert image/videos into neural art. Yes you read it right, we even convert … See more
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AI image filters with 1 line of code & train your own filter

jtoy- Somatic CEO
Thank you for hunting us @jedbreed. Hi everyone! Jason here. Founder of Somatic. We would love to get your feedback on Somatic. Our mission is to make AI image processing easy for developers and artists who love the technology but don't have the time or expertise to implement it from scratch. To make this possible we built out an easy UI for artists, and… See more
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Envision the world through their eyes

Envision is the first and only mobile app that allows you to apply artistic filters to your photos and videos in real time from renowned artists worldwide like Archan Nair and Chad Knight! You can create a one of a kind, show stopping masterpiece for your social media that will have your digital art stand out through Envision’s algorithm.

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Quick and light photo effects for anyone

mat- Ape with a computer
Hello friends, I just wanted a light and powerful photo editor that had a nice simple color curve and that didn't have typography tools, shape filters etc etc. This is my adaptation of that. If you have an idea or suggestions let me know. It's a slightly sketchy 1.0 but it does the job well I think :)
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What are some apps that you still use, but the enthusiasm from initial launch has fizzled out?

Gabriel Lewis🤔
Wunderlist - Capture ideas, things to do and places to see
"Use to think it was the best app, now I still use it a bit, but theres so many apps that create lists and organize thoughts just as well or… See more
Canva for iPad - Amazingly simple graphic design. Now on iPad
"Back in October of this last year, so almost a year ago, I started my company oak technology solutions and I wanted something to help me be… See more
Prisma - AI that turns your photos into artwork in seconds
"Speaking from a personal point of view, this was the most used app at one point in time, almost forgotten now."

What's your favorite app that you never use?

Shaan Puriceo, Monkey Inferno
Duolingo - Learn languages completely free.
"Always telling myself I'm going to refresh my mind on a language I know or learn the basics of a language, but never happens."
Headspace 2.0 - Meditation made simple in just 10 minutes a day
"I realllllly wanna start using it! It's been on my homescreen for 2 weeks. Haven't actually opened it yet."
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