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Prisma alternatives and competitors

Prisma is the world’s first co-learning network, a new category in K-12 education. We’re not a school in the conventional sense; we’re a locally-rooted, globally connected at-home learning network that gives kids the freedom to be their best selves.
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  • Search to discover hundreds of qualified providers nearby, including home daycares, child care centers and micro-schools now offering online school and home school support for elementary age children.
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  • Kosmos is a project-based K-12 school that exists only in virtual reality offering classes (called Projects) where kids collaboratively complete objectives by learning and applying hard skills like math and physics, but also soft skills like critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

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    I definitely believe in the vision of a school in the VR and I will closely be following the progress of both, VR and Kosmos School. Way to …

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  • We create interactive experiments on Physics and Math for grades 5-12 that help to motivate students to engage with learning
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  • OutboxEDU

    OutboxEDU's marketplace allows you to teach and monetize off of your expertise, host events in 3D hubs, hang with friends or family and play virtual games, or learn new skills to futher your self education.
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