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Calculate your best time to post to Instagram

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Machine Learning powered engagement predictor for Instagram

Lisa is available on Google Play Store from now on

Welcome to "What the Hell is...?," a column dedicated to giving you the low-down on internet culture, viral phenomenons, and all the hot new apps infiltrating the tech game. Whether it's life-changing, useless, or makes you go "... the hell?!," we're here to explain it all. What the hell is Lisa?
Las aplicaciones para móviles cada vez son más 'top' y no lo decimos solo nosotras, también lo vas a reconocer tú. Ahora puedes ser una auténtica influencer en cuestión de minutos. Si tienes la duda, como Laura Escanes, de no saber qué foto subir a Instagram y te decantas por hacer un collage con ellas, esta app pondrá fin a este problema.
Smartphones are ubiquitous, and also are the mobile applications that help run them. While you're on the go, you can order a car, dinner, watch a movie, or play a game. Millions of mobile users have turned the likes of Uber, Seamless, Netflix and Pokemon Go into household names that need no introduction.
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Maximise your social media outreach

BoffinBot tells you the best hour to tweet on a given day. It provides you deeper analytics like the best day to tweet in a week/month. It tells you if someone whom you are following, are following you back or not? You can directly follow/unfollow them from the dashboard. Schedule your tweets and it will publish them automatically and much more...

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Always know when's the best time to take pictures outside 🌆📸

Helios lets you know when is the best time to go out with your camera. It's an essential tool for all photographers and videographers. The magic hour calculator helps you determine the timing of golden & blue hour for any given date and location.

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