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PriceJump alternatives and competitors

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Finds the lowest price online, on Amazon or in-store
Top PriceJump alternatives
Automate your SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001 compliance
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  • Catsnatcher

    Catsnatcher is an Amazon product ideation and research tool that analyses thousands of Amazon niches to pinpoint high-value, low-competition areas. From this starting point you can then start to examine opportunities and needs within that niche closer and develop a product based on the wants/negative reviews in that market.

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  • Shopping Helper

    Shopping Helper is a extension for your browser that helps you browse and compare prices of products from various online shops. Just select the desired product, run the extension and in sidebar find what you are looking for. FIND THE RIGHT PRICE!
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  • We search for the best price for the things you buy online, so you don’t have to. CHEAPERTHAN is a FREE Chrome Extension which searches 1000's of websites as you look at products on Amazon. If we find it cheaper we will discreetly tell you.
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  • Music Flee

    Compare prices of music from iTunes and Amazon easily.
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  • Book Flee

    Compare prices of books from iTunes and Amazon easily.
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