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18 alternative and related products to Pressfarm

Find journalists to write about your startup.
18 Alternatives to Pressfarm

Launch your product on hundreds of websites with one click 🚀

Never spend months working on a new product, only to have it never be seen!

Aidem is a simple tool to get your product in front of thousands of people with a single click. 🚀

We hand-craft custom pitches for every product, then manually submit them to hundreds of journalists, communities, and directories so you can focus on the important things.

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Upbeat (formerly PRX) is a next-generation, software-powered PR agency

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One of the most frustrating aspects about being a maker is telling the story of what you're making. You toil away for years obsessed with your project. You want the world to know about it so you post something here on Medium and nobody reads it.
Out of all the how-to guides ever written about pitching journalists, I've never seen one address the truth-that most are simply too busy trying not to get murdered by their inboxes to even open emails. Upbeat wants to use data science to create PR pitches that don't automatically end up in the Trash folder.
Journalists and public relations (PR) individuals have always enjoyed a bit of a love-hate relationship. Endless exchanges of emails, embargo times changing, image requests, and more can lead to frustrations, especially when the news is time-sensitive. Upbeat is trying to tackle this by offering a cloud-based PR service that turns the standard Word.doc press… See more
Nieman Lab
This spring, something unusual happened: I got a good pitch. It was about a successful email newsletter, The Hustle, that I hadn't heard of before. I like writing about email newsletters! I responded to the pitch and ended up writing a story about the company.
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Create A Free Press Kit For Your Startup 💌

Press Kite is the easiest way to create a press kit for your startup. With a free plan and a WYSIWYG editor, there's no excuse not to have a press kit ready to send a journalist when the time comes. 🙌

Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz-
Every startup needs to get press coverage, so we created a product to help make that happen. We are the only company offering a quick and easy press kit builder. It’s also free. 🙂
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz-
This tool is a free and easy way to start getting press for your startup! Build a free press kit and utilize the other included tools to build a comprehensive strategy to start getting press placements.
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz-
This tool is a free and easy way to start getting press for your startup! Build a free press kit and utilize the other included tools to build a comprehensive strategy to start getting press placements.
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Get more press with AI-powered media outreach 🚀

Howler takes away the tedious, time-sucking work of media outreach by sending personalized pitches hand-written by experts to journalists likely to feature your product.

Each list of journalists we target is unique to the product, and determined algorithmically based on what the journalist has written about before (among other things).

Matt Henderson 🚀
Matt Henderson 🚀- Building 24 products this year (14/24) 🚀
Super easy + affordable automated PR
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Launch your startup with 100 journalist contact details

Tech Press List is a curated list of journalist contact details from 18 countries.

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Indie Hackers
Hey! I don't come from a tech background, and I studied politics and Spanish at university. But I've always been intellectually curious, and I like knowing how things work. Over the last few years this has kindled an interest in technology and startups as they become more important in our lives.
Launching Tech Press List (so your startup can get press coverage) I have just released my first ever startup, Tech Press List, which connects people launching their startups with tech editors and reporters from across the world. It solves the problem startup founders have trying to get press coverage without using expensive databases or hiring a PR employee… See more
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Get your startup in the news with PR campaigns powered by AI

Get your startup in the news by running PR campaigns powered by AI!
Boost matches you with thousands of journalists in your niche, then our team of PR experts writes and sends custom press pitches to them to help you get featured

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We are always on the lookout for great tools that can help your business or organization. Today we'll be talking about PressHunt, a searchable database of journalists. How do you market your business? Maybe you have a website and you're on social media, or maybe you just rely on word-of-mouth.
Instead of joining a #webinar that teaches/sells "how to get #press contacts," just go to See more
Some of the tools I referenced during my talk #CPRS2018: Assistant - Clara Labs - Lumen 5 - Captain Growth - Press Hunt - See more
Dopo il successone del video sui 13 siti utili, avete iniziato a chiedermi di fare altri video sui siti web utili, ma specifici in alcune categorie. (Se non avete visto il video precedente, lo trovate qui: See more
Looking for a searchable database of journalists? Check out our PressHunt Review ( See more
West Vesey
We're building 24 internet businesses in 12 months. In the past 8 months, we've launched 8. 4 of them have been profitable, producing >$50,000. If you do the math, we're running behind. We're 2/3 of the way through the year, and we've only launched 1/3 of the products we need to.
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Get guaranteed press coverage for your startup

Promotehour 3.0 helps you get guaranteed organic press coverage in prominent media outlets.

Its Coverage plans come with a money-back guarantee, and a lifetime free access to a curated database of over 10000+ tech journalists via its app:

It also helps you in creating online presence across 100+ startup directories.

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