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6 alternative and related products to PR in a Box

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6 Alternatives to PR in a Box

Upbeat (formerly PRX) is a next-generation, software-powered PR agency

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One of the most frustrating aspects about being a maker is telling the story of what you're making. You toil away for years obsessed with your project. You want the world to know about it so you post something here on Medium and nobody reads it.
Out of all the how-to guides ever written about pitching journalists, I've never seen one address the truth-that most are simply too busy trying not to get murdered by their inboxes to even open emails. Upbeat wants to use data science to create PR pitches that don't automatically end up in the Trash folder.
Journalists and public relations (PR) individuals have always enjoyed a bit of a love-hate relationship. Endless exchanges of emails, embargo times changing, image requests, and more can lead to frustrations, especially when the news is time-sensitive. Upbeat is trying to tackle this by offering a cloud-based PR service that turns the standard Word.doc press… See more
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This spring, something unusual happened: I got a good pitch. It was about a successful email newsletter, The Hustle, that I hadn't heard of before. I like writing about email newsletters! I responded to the pitch and ended up writing a story about the company.
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Solves the pain of getting press for tech StartUps. 📈

What is included:










Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen
Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen- Founder of
Amazing list to get startet on PR :)
Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen
Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen- Founder of
Access to more than 3000+ tech journalists, Growth Hacks, Submit sites, Facebook groups and more.
Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen
Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen- Founder of
To get noticed in the press with your startup.
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GetTechPress is founded for tech startups with the vision of helping every entrepreneur, founder or marketer to get their press from the biggest media sites in the tech world. The person behind GetTechPress is Engineer and Founder of multiple startups: Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen
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All-in-one tool for inhouse PR teams & agencies

Easy pressroom setup & management | PR content publishing | personalized mass distribution to your media lists.

Prowly comes with analytics that help you drive insights about your audiences, with pressroom traffic, email open & click stats per contact included.

Agnieszka- LiveChat | social media | Sofar Sounds
Prowly is a polish SaaS for managing public relations in a company founded by Joanna Drabent. I love the idea of it, how the company is developing, their branding and the fact it was PROUDLY founded by a polish woman ;)
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There's nothing more valuable to a client than seeing his or her company's name appear in an article, news report, or blog post. This third-party credibility and the ability to gain the attention of decision-makers is key to building a brand.
Whether you're a business, freelancer, or a PR agency, you're going to have stories that you need to tell. Hopefully, lots of them - press releases, articles, interviews, blog posts and more. Of course, there are professionals and plenty of online tools to help with every step of the process, from creating content to publishing, from sharing on social media … See more
Silicon Republic
Warsaw is bursting with ambition when it comes to fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovative tech start-ups. For much of the 20th century, Poland's capital city often found itself at the crossroads of history and at the centre of tumultuous events not of its choosing.
Prowly consolidates brands' media accounts into a clean engagement tool for companies to manage their PR and for B2B business partners to get to know them better Prowly, a Polish public relations social networking platform, has scored $1.1 million in pre-Series A, the company announced last week.
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Free crowdsourcing platform for PR campaigns

JOINT.PRESS is a crowdsourcing platform for PR campaigns. It's a combination of media contact database, online newsroom and press release service powered by crowdsourcing. With JOINT.PRESS, you can create a PR campaign, and then invite your supports, users, or any other people sharing the same vision with you, to grow the campaign. People can add journalists they already knew or by searching the included journalist database. They can also register as a source so interested journalists can contact them, list media coverage so everyone knows what has already been reported, and post campaign updates to help keep everyone on the same page. The campaign admins review everything non-admin users posted before they get published. The campaign admins can also email press releases to all the journalists added and approved in the campaign.

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