Alternative products to Posture Minder

12 alternative and related products to Posture Minder

Posture Minder
Improve your PC posture and prevent back pain
12 Alternatives to Posture Minder

Instantly relieve backpack strain + improve your posture

Currently the #3 project on Kickstarter, SuperStraps is the world’s first and only backpack booster that instantly relieves shoulder and back tension + lifts 27 pounds of force off your neck. Our patent-pending technology hides behind your backpack straps and activates in just 1 second flat. When you feel your backpack getting heavy, SuperStraps instantly makes your backpack feel lighter and unloads the tension on your shoulders, back and neck. It allows you to walk upright with great posture and makes your favorite backpack ergonomic.

It's made by the team at BetterBack and is available for 35-50% on Kickstarter for a limited time.

8 Alternatives to SuperStraps

TensorFlow blurs your screen when your posture needs fixing.

UX designer Olesya Chernyavskaya's (@monolesan) created a Glitch app to fix your posture by simply blurring your screen if you don’t maintain good form. It checks your position using your webcam, and uses TensorFlow to evaluate whether your posture is correct.

8 Alternatives to Fix Posture

Uses your Mac's camera to warn you when you slouch

ben Watanabe
ben Watanabe- 96 Problems
It may not be the "best," but based on its cost performance and ease of use it could be. Plus you get to hear a cat meow whenever you mess up, although could that may be positive reinforcement of a negative behavior? Anyways, simply install the app and it will tell you when you start slouching by using your computer's camera. Fun fact: Nekoze means "cat bac… See more
Rating and price
6 Alternatives to Nekoze

Ergonomic armrest to relieve wrist tension & shoulder pain.

Mouzen is an ergonomic armrest that combines the best of ergonomics with world-class engineering and beautiful design. Mouzen is designed to optimize the position of your arm and reduce wrist and shoulder tension while working with your mouse and keyboard.

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The Mouzen is a product that previously never existed in a category that previously never existed. However, it's one of those products that should pretty much instantly catch on, given how incredibly valuable it is in terms of upping comfort, and productivity. The Mouzen, and I find it weird even saying this, is a portable armrest.
Il lavoro nobilita l'uomo e su questo non c'è dubbio, ma in alcuni casi può procurare anche disturbi a collo-spalle-schiena decisamente non trascurabili, soprattutto se ci sono computer e mouse di mezzo.
Art Vibes
Redazione Art-Vibes | On 13, Mar 2019 Parola d'ordine comodità e produttività: l'estensione da scrivania per interagire con il pc nel rispetto dei principi ergonomici. di Redazione Art Vibes Tutelare la propria salute durante l'orario di lavoro dovrebbe essere una prerogativa di tutti.
5 Alternatives to Mouzen

You slouch, it vibrates. Sit straighter, stand taller.

Aleksandra- Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
I wear Lumo Lift which gives gentle reminders to straighten back up. After a week I could see the difference because it really helps to build the habit. The only huge drawback for me is a short battery life :( So you have to charge it every other day.
5 Alternatives to Lumo Lift
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