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17 alternative and related products to Posture Laptop Stand

Posture Laptop Stand
Portable laptop stand from home, office and hotdesk.

The Posture Laptop Stand is designed specifically for hotdeskers - those of us who need some neck re-alignment while we work, but have to pack up and run at the end of the day! Posture is super lightweight and portable.

17 Alternatives to Posture Laptop Stand

A super affordable, portable standing desk

Pavan Sethi
Pavan Sethi- building things.
Definitely one of my best purchases. Super cheap for a standing desk, quick/easy to set up, folds away when you don't need.
Pavan Sethi
Pavan Sethi- building things.
Cheap, quick setup, and easy to store. More importantly (at least for me), it's way easier to work for longer periods of time while standing up and being able to move around.
Pavan Sethi
Pavan Sethi- building things.
Love my Oristand(s). They are so cheap compared to other standing desks and the best part is that you can easily fold it away when you're not using it. I really don't see a point of spending so much money on a standing desk when this works perfectly.
20 Alternatives to Oristand

The most affordable premium standing desk

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Small Business Trends
While digital technology has introduced many benefits into today's personal and professional lives, at least one aspect has been detrimental. The sedentary lifestyle promoted by working every day in front of a computer can have a long term negative impact on your health.
I first encountered a guy standing at his desk several decades ago, when I was a fresh-faced attorney at Disney. One of my colleagues had ordered a lectern to do his contract drafting, and he said it was for health reasons, sitting for a long time was simply too painful.
20 Alternatives to SmartDesk

World’s first invisible laptop stand

MOFT is the lightest adhesive laptop stand around, tailored perfectly for mobile working. It comforts your neck and shoulders anywhere you work. MOFT is a product following “Invisible design” philosophy: unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, unnoticed when carried. It acts as a natural, seamless appendage of your computer.

6 Alternatives to MOFT Laptop Stand

TensorFlow blurs your screen when your posture needs fixing.

UX designer Olesya Chernyavskaya's (@monolesan) created a Glitch app to fix your posture by simply blurring your screen if you don’t maintain good form. It checks your position using your webcam, and uses TensorFlow to evaluate whether your posture is correct.

8 Alternatives to Fix Posture

Ergonomic armrest to relieve wrist tension & shoulder pain.

Mouzen is an ergonomic armrest that combines the best of ergonomics with world-class engineering and beautiful design. Mouzen is designed to optimize the position of your arm and reduce wrist and shoulder tension while working with your mouse and keyboard.

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The Mouzen is a product that previously never existed in a category that previously never existed. However, it's one of those products that should pretty much instantly catch on, given how incredibly valuable it is in terms of upping comfort, and productivity. The Mouzen, and I find it weird even saying this, is a portable armrest.
Il lavoro nobilita l'uomo e su questo non c'è dubbio, ma in alcuni casi può procurare anche disturbi a collo-spalle-schiena decisamente non trascurabili, soprattutto se ci sono computer e mouse di mezzo.
Art Vibes
Redazione Art-Vibes | On 13, Mar 2019 Parola d'ordine comodità e produttività: l'estensione da scrivania per interagire con il pc nel rispetto dei principi ergonomici. di Redazione Art Vibes Tutelare la propria salute durante l'orario di lavoro dovrebbe essere una prerogativa di tutti.
5 Alternatives to Mouzen

Stood’s Wooden Laptop Stand is an handcrafted item made in EU, out of European Beech Wood. The Stand and its packaging are FSC certified. It can be customised, and it’s created for anybody who’s looking for affordable (and eco-friendly) Stand easy to carry anywhere.

Works with all Macbook models and has a version for old/thick laptops.

13 Alternatives to Stood - a portable, affordable, wooden Laptop Stand

Flexible, beautiful office furniture for growing companies

Bureau is office furniture that works: premium desks, chairs and essentials, sold direct to save you time and money. As your company grows, moves or changes, we'll pick up old Bureau furniture you don't need anymore and give you credit toward your next purchase.

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Office furniture is the first thing that people notice when they walk into an office and first impressions are everything in business. It's probably about time you got rid of that Ikea offering that served the company well when it was in its early days but now is no longer reflective of the business.
There remain few headache-inducing problems that haven't been touched by technology in the 21st century. No rock, it seems, has been left unturned by technological breakthroughs and innovative thinkers. One of the last industries to experience meaningful change was the world of commercial office space.
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