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6 alternative and related products to Postbag

Find journalists, bloggers and webmasters for your startup
Direct outreach to most relevant people from across the web. Contacts matched by AI for pitching new products, websites and content. Reach out to people willing to write about your product or content. Build awareness about your offerings.
6 Alternatives to Postbag

Ayush Mittal
A curated list of free places to post your startup. There are several communities in each niche which get 1000's of traffic which includes customers and investors. I had an opportunity to have a quick chat with Abby Smith (Growth Specialist at Promotehour) about their paid plan to help startups get in front of the target audience and potential investors. The… See more
Jit Salunke
Here is a list of 100+ startup directories: to promote your startup
Pavan Sethi
Promotehour has a list of 1100+ places to submit startups for free!
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Brandon Anzaldi
I remember hearing about this a little while back, and the top comment in that post really hits it home. Pressfarm seems to have good categorization, so you can search your vertical, and do a little legwork to find the best journalists to reach out to.
Danielle Cadhit
Have discovered Pressfarm which focuses specifically on the contacts piece. I have heard of other apps and tools that provided contacts as well as strategy and done for you services but this starts at only $18/month. Best of luck!
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