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Portrait by img.ly alternatives and competitors

With Portrait, you can create amazing, stylized selfies and portraits instantly.

Top alternatives for Portrait by img.ly

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  • Prisma

    AI that turns your photos into artwork in seconds

    Try with your friends and have good laugh / time :)

  • Prisma 3.0

    A unique way to share your artworks
  • DPTH

    DPTH adds adjustable Depth Of Field and 3D photo effect to any image!

    It uses AI to predict depth on single image.

    From now anyone can get pro looking pictures without dual- (triple-, five or so) camera devices.

    Like the app!

  • FaceApp

    FaceApp uses Artificial Intelligence you change your face. You and your friends can have fun by changing styles, make yourself look younger or older, put some different makeup or a mustache. Experiment with your face, laughter is guaranteed!

  • Meitu

    Make your selfies gorgeous. Downloaded by over 1 billion. ✨

    Racist. That is all.

  • Pikazo 2.0

    Turn anything into art in two taps
  • Fuzion

    Fuzion lets you take your portraits to the next level. Create stunning double exposures by blending your selfies with photos, adding overlays & more.

    Made possible by the powerful TrueDepth and dual cameras in newer iPhones, the app automatically detects a person's silhouette and cuts them out of the background.

    (requires iPhone 8+, X or newer)

  • Vinci

    Transform your photos using neural networks and AI
  • Icon8 for Messenger

    AI bot that turns your selfies into pieces of art
  • Lucid

    Turn your pictures into art
  • Disflow

    Hey guys!
    We tried to upgrade the idea of adding motion in photos and in the same time make it as easy as possible.
    If you like the app msg me and I will give you a code for the paid features.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  • Whisky16

    Apply artistic styles to your photos and videos Live
  • Portrait Mode +

    Portrait Mode + adds a whole new level of control to Portrait Mode photos taken on iOS11.

    • Adjust the focal point of existing Portrait photos

    • Change the amount of blur in an image

    • Color mode lets you easily color or de-color a part of a photo

    • Background mode to swap background / foreground image

    Uses the new depth data available in iOS11

  • Animatix

    Animatix turns your photos into captivating animations and cartoons. It uses real-world animation techniques to breathe life into your still photos, adding motion that makes their edges and color come alive.

  • DepthBlur for Android

    Add portrait mode like blur effect to all your new and old photos using DepthBlur which uses AI to make your subject stand out from background.
  • AnamorphicPro

    Anamorphic turns your ordinary photos into cinematic masterpieces.

    Edit iPhone Portrait Mode photos on your Mac!

    Integration with the Mac Photos app makes it easy to edit your portrait shots.


    - Bokeh Style

    - Lens Distortion

    - Brush Mask Tool

    - LUT Film Filters