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Pomodoro Keeper alternatives and competitors

Top alternatives for Pomodoro Keeper

Work side-by-side, even when you’re not in the same room
  • Flow

    Flow is a minimalistic pomodoro based work timer available for Mac. Flow encourages your focus and motivation while reducing stress. Dividing your workflow into sections with defined breaks is proven to better health and productivity.
  • Time 2

    We all know and hate the guilty feeling we get when we procrastinate. With Time 2, that feeling is a thing of the past. To use the app, you add a task like "Tweak Sketch mockups, 30 minutes.” & a brightly colored timer counts down as you work. This timer helps you feel a slight twinge of pressure so you get your work done.

    I wish there were a few more options for organizing completed items or moving items around. For example, I accidentally left an item runnin…

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  • Pomotodo

    Pomodoro meets GTD to-do app

    Like the reduced functionality of the mobile app, helps with the focus

  • FocusList

    Daily planner & focus timer based on timeboxing and pomodoro
  • Session

    Catalina and iOS 13.3++ only!
    Start your momentum by focusing in 25-minutes session!
    Session help you be more focused by blocking distracting website and more mindful by tracking your progress.
    Your progress is shown in analytics for you to review!
  • Pomo Timer

    Simple and convenient pomodoro timer based on the technique proposed by Francesco Cirillo in the distant 1980s made in a simple and clear design.
  • Tide

    Tide lets you get things done by breaking up individual event among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks. It helps you stay focused in work and study. With one tap, you can easily start a focus and peaceful time companied by sounds of natural environment.

  • Tadam

    Simple Mac menubar app for Pomodoro
  • PomoDoneApp for Mac, Windows, Linux & Android

    PomoDone is the easiest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique, on top of your current task management service.

    There are so few good solutions for juggling tasks in multiple trackers, because it's surprisingly difficult to get right. Many of us dream …

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  • wnr

    In short, I don't think there has been a timer software that is both GOOD-LOOKING, EASY-TO-USE, CROSS-PLATFORMED and has a STRONG ENOUGH fullscreen focus mode, until wnr is here.
    What's the best of all? It's amazingly FREE, no charge, no in-app purchase.
  • Focused Work - Focus Timer

    5.0★7 reviews
    Free options
    Focused Work is a flexible Focus Timer that helps you stay productive and avoid burnout. It’s purpose-built for people who struggle with focusing and structuring their time effectively.
  • Pomocado

    Pomocado is a free pomodoro timer with analytics

    Checkout out the overview here (https://youtu.be/mTM4Dn0z-uA)

    I am really eager to hear feedback on the product so feel free to message me!

    There's no way to tell when the 25 minutes or the break end or start (no notification nor sound).

    I tried to use it for a day, finally spend …

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  • Pomodor

    Pomodor is a productivity app based on a time management method called The Pomodoro Technique. Use Pomodor to break down your work into sessions, label them, get a notification when the each session is over and a lot more!
  • Break

    Reminders to take short breaks from your computer
  • Doropomo

    We created Domopomo as a criticism of the high productivity in most people’s lives. Our desire was to show a different approach to manage your time and work. We really believe in a work/life balance and you can do it using Doropomo.
  • SILO

    With distractions all around, I set out to build a product that empowers you to pause everything and focus on the moment. Focusing for a period of time and taking short breaks in between (pomodoro method), combined with the haptics of the Apple Watch, allowed me to design and develop an experience I'm proud of... Enjoy!

  • Pomofocus

    Pomofocus is a customizable pomodoro timer app that works on desktop & mobile browser. The aim of this app is to help you focus on any task you are working on, such as study, writing, or coding.
  • Pomodus

    Pomodus is part productivity & focus tool and part interruption killer. The goal is to give people a framework for planning their day and focusing while keeping interruptions at bay by leveraging Slack to communicate that they’re busy and when they'll be done.
  • Arise

    Leave your procrastination demons behind (with pomodoro)
  • Gero for Apple Watch

    Pomodoro time management for your wrist