Alternative products to Pollfish

4 alternative and related products to Pollfish

Monetize with mobile surveys instead of mobile ads.

Pollfish is a modern market research platform helping businesses and professionals get real—data, consumers, insights, and support.

4 Alternatives to Pollfish

An audio only social network where you can record a message, morph your voice, then share it with others!
But be prepared, the audience will judge you, they can either clap, laugh or boo!

6 Alternatives to MyPodium

Ben Novak
If you have your own users / website visitors you can research them with Gotcha
Ben Novak
You have your own custom questions or you can pick some from bank of queries, you can measure anything you want, from happiness to promoter score.
Ben Novak
Instant user feedback and viral loops with a single click
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12 Alternatives to Gotcha

With Pollster, you'll get simple, instant, anonymous social polls to seek and share opinions based on common interests from people all over the world for free.

It's noise free, troll free and less boring.

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Ideas come and go, some just fade with time because you didn't follow up on them and others simply weren't worth following. This happens to almost everyone. We have the capacity to think infinitely but not all of us can do abstract thinking right away, it's a process that just gets better and better as you containerize your thoughts, connect the containers t… See more
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