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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere alternatives and competitors

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Poll Everywhere turns any presentation into a two-way conversation - directly in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. Participants respond to questions live, using mobile phones, and the results appear instantly. Poll Everywhere engages everyone at conferences, town halls, training sessions, marketing and outreach events, and everyday meetings.

Top alternatives for Poll Everywhere

Google Workspace
Collaboration tools loved by billions
  • Slingshow

    14 reviews
    Free options
    Slingshow allows anyone to create a variety of interactive & engaging events in minutes. You can:
    💰 Drive sales with in-event calls to action
    💬 Build community with conversations and ice breakers
    🤝 Allow attendees to meet panelists
    🍱 & much more
  • Gotcha

    User-centric analytics & triggers, driven by micro-surveys
  • Scoby Social

    9 reviews
    Discover, Host & Join Live Sessions!
    The world is going live. Shared experiences have the power to transform, surprise and delight. If you are passionate about your calling, love engaging with others, and are ready to rise to your destiny, you belong with us.
  • Liveform

    Free options
    Liveform helps SaaS companies integrate real-time customer feedback directly into their web apps.
    Create a micro-survey, put it in front of your customers, and get feedback in minutes.
  • Participoll

    Free audience polling for Powerpoint.
  • SlideLizard

    SlideLizard is a PowerPoint-Plugin to make your presentations more interactive (e.g. polling, q&a, feedback,...). The integration makes it super easy to use - e.g. the Presenter Screen allows you to see poll results before your audience and observe questions.

  • Presentii

    4 reviews
    Imagine a tool that lets you capture audience interest in your presentation content as you present. You’ll find out if your presentation is resonating with your attendees as they provide positive or negative measures with comments to support their reactions.
  • Ppoll

    Ppoll is created as a solution for all netizen to ask around better across multiple social media. On top of that, it also serve as a polling platform with many exciting public polls. It comes with public polls, private, QR sharing, multi choice and more!
  • Reacting Live

    Make your presentation more fascinating and outstanding.
    Reacting Live always floats over your presentation slide (keynotes, power point, game streaming, discord, zoom screen sharing...) allows participant to comment and give reaction right into the screen.
  • Pollui

    Pollui is a poll creation tool aiming to help professionals to drive better decisions. It offers variety of options like image, figma and code embeds as well as simple text polls.