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Polarsteps alternatives and competitors

Automatically track your journeys on a stunning map
Top Polarsteps alternatives
Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • journi 3.0

    Easily create a journal, even together with friends
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  • Wayzaway

    Create and share personalized journeys
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  • Prava

    Prava app is for friends to discover trip ideas, discuss on them, develop an itinerary, split costs and share the travel memories in the form of photos & blogs - keeping all of this to themselves in the group. After a trip, they also have the option to publish their trip experience to the Prava community - which becomes a trip idea for others!

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  • Journal Together

    Journal and keep tabs with your friends all over email. At the end of every day, you'll receive an email from Journal Together. The very next day, you'll receive a group email with your friends, with what everyone wrote. It's as simple as that
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  • FindARun 2.0

    Wherever you are, FindARun allows you to plan your running routes in advance by simply tracing out the route on a map. As you plan your route, you can see estimates of how long the run will take, how far it will be, expected calorie burn, and more.
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  • Find Penguins

    Keep, share & explore your travels.
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  • Flyrun

    Flyrun is much more than a basic running tracker app. Flyrun app is running tracker that helps you to proper running technique. You need just a hold your phone on running belt, running armband or tight pocket.
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  • Been There, Done That!

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    BTDT is the best way to keep track of the countries you've been to, right on your phone!
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