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Pocket Listen alternatives and competitors

Reading is hard. Listen to articles instead.

Top alternatives for Pocket Listen

The new era of digital optimization
  • Play (for Medium)

    Play.ht (for Medium) is a Free Chrome Extension to Listen to any article on Medium as an Audio Narration.

    Can try a feature to match the speaker voice to match with the authors voice.

  • Audioread (formerly Audiblogs)

    Audiblogs lets you listen to any web article in your podcast player in an Audible-like voice. Use it to "read" while you exercise, cook, do house chores, etc.
  • Blogcast

    Audio is the new trend for consuming content. But while everyone's listening to podcasts, you're still writing articles. Why not serve people where they're at?
    With Blogcast, you can generate audio versions of your articles, automatically.

    From sign-up to downloading the first article audio it took me less than five minutes. The processing of the audio took me less than 20 seco…

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  • Speechify Gen 0.1

    Read faster, stay focused & absorb more - Create Audiobooks
    SCAM. Will not let you cancel 'free' trial. LOST $220 for nothing. Will not answer emails. Will not let you cancel in the app or online. SUP…See more
  • Play for Medium writers

    Play is a chrome extension that allows Medium's writers and publications to add Audio players on their articles in a very easy and simple way.

    Reading articles while working is a really big pain. This extension / plugin was the simplest solution I found :)

  • Play.ht

    Turn your articles into podcasts

    I've reviewed a few products in this space and Play.ht's sounds are very natural. Almost certainly using Google "WaveNet" voices.

  • Play for Web

    Listen to articles from around the web

    This is so nice, you guys. This is unbelievably resourceful for a lazy slacker like me who continuously procrastinate reading just because i…

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  • Readory

    Readory is striving to be the web's platform for written content.

    We are a platform curated by readers and content creators alike to make sure quality written content (blog posts, ebooks, Ask.PH, IH Interviews, tutorials, forum discussions and more) are not underexposed or hidden behind major content platforms, and SEO giants.

    I really enjoy the concept and execution of Readory. I would love to see what the best people on the internet read, and how that informs how…

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  • DuoBook

    Duobook is an eReader and audiobook player that lets you switch between reading and listening without losing your place in the story.

  • Speechify

    The Speechify Chrome extension let’s you read faster and comprehend more.

    Highlight the text you want to read, then click the Speechify icon to listen. Learn more here https://medium.com/@cliffweitzman/2x-your-reading-speed-with-an-app-that-reads-to-you-62fe6b9cbaaa

    I really wanted to love this app but it's so buggy. I paid for the premium version and I just have countless issues. Either it won't read th…See more
  • Firefox Advance

    Firefox is launching a new experimental browser extension called Advance, which recommends new websites and articles based on what you’re currently reading and your recent browsing history.

  • Play Embedded Player

    A handy tool to narrate your Medium articles
  • Verblr

    This one's dedicated to those of us tired of
    reading on a phone.
    Tired of squinting at tiny text on small screens.
    Why not have what you read, read to you?
    Streamed on demand.
    From any article at any time.
    Welcome to a more accessible web.
    Welcome to Verblr.
  • Syncr

    Syncr is a multi-platform tool that stitches together a podcast from a bundle of your favorite YouTube videos that you can listen to anywhere at anytime.

  • ReadByHumans

    Top HackerNews articles in human-read podcast format
  • fama

    Fama let's you listen to email newsletters while you're commuting, working out, or doing anything, really. Just like audiobooks!
    Works with usual podcast apps. No need to install anything new!
  • Motoread

    Speed listen to articles, PDFs, and YouTube videos
  • Actually Read It Later

    If you are always forgetting that article that you saved to read it later, this extension is for you!

    Usage of extension is as basic as it gets: you set time for reading in options, and then save any article that you want by clicking on extension icon. When the reading time comes, you will be presented with list of your saved articles.

    Not everyone loves Chrome, for example me, so I can't use this product.

  • Tattle

    Listen to your news stories, narrated by humans
  • Readaway 2.0

    * Scan any document or book page to listen to
    * Bookmark and store your articles and blog posts offline - Minus the ads and pop-ups
    * Type or copy-paste text to convert to audio to proofread
    * Listen to articles and blog posts in 22 languages in 60+ voices