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10 Alternatives to Pocket Arcade

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Nintendo sold 4 million SNES Classic Edition units since that system was released in late 2017. That's a pretty staggering figure when you think about it, especially since the company was also selling Nintendo Switch units hand over fist. Over 13 million Switch units have been sold-through to consumers since the system's launch in early 2017.
Ask anyone born between 1975 and 1990 about gaming and chances are they've got fond memories of Super Mario Kart or Street Fighter II on Nintendo's original SNES console. Originally launched in Japan in 1990 and here in the UK in '92, it went toe-to-toe with the Sega Mega Drive for living room domination.
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mClassic Makes Every Video Game & Stream Better.
✅ Better Graphics
✅ Better Pixels
✅ Better Gameplay

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The Tech Report
Can an HDMI cable or adapter improve video quality output over HDMI? That sounds insane when you talk about a pristine digital signal. I thought the same thing when Marseille offered me a chance to review the mClassic. I'm TR's resident console peasant, so of course I said yes.
Tom's Hardware
Game companies often peddle in nostalgia. They re-release classic titles, revisit long-running franchises, and even remake decades-old consoles. But these experiences are rarely as good as we remember them, and that's why Marseille Inc is crowdfunding the mClassic, which it called "the first plug and play graphics processor."
When I first got the press release for the MClassic "game console graphics processor" from Marseille, I was skeptical. The MClassic is an HDMI dongle that you connect to the back of your gaming device, and Marseille claims it will give you better visuals. This brought back memories of gold-plated HDMI cables from Monster.
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