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Play your table-top games online with distant friends.
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An open-source board game system with a mind of its own

Blinks is an new way to get friends to put down their screens and interact face to face. Already over-funded on Kickstarter!

Each game tile is tiny, independent Arduino with 6 RGB display LEDs, 6 IR communication LEDs, and a button. It is a great platform for exploring emergent systems programming.

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Foolish Panda Games
I am really excited about this Kickstart Highlight because this isn't just a game (six for that matter) but we are talking about a new system. I think you will enjoy the potential that Blinks offers creators. As you can see from the video above, the creator really has a love for systems and the desire...
Geek and Sundry
Perhaps they're what cells would look in the fluorescent wonderland of Tron's grid. Or maybe they're little visual aides at a science center exhibit on chemical bonds. Whatever these odd little widgets are, incorporating them into a game seems a bit easier-and more intuitive-than trying to gamify sand timers.
At IndieCade East this year, Move38 hosted a Blinks Game Jam where Game Devsigners (developers + designers) of all experience levels worked in teams to build games for Blinks. The designers of the winning game BeRrY - Wei Yun and Shiyun Liu - were kind enough to discuss via email their experience designing with Blinks and why one of them thinks Blinks are th… See more
Our portfolio company Move38 is running a Kickstarter campaign for its latest (and greatest?) product, Blinks. Blinks was the product that Jonathan Bobrow demoed for me back in April when we made our investment. Then, as now, it's hard to predict the commercial appeal of this novel, open platform for casual, digital tabletop games.
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