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Play for Web

Listen to articles from around the web

7 alternative and related products to Play for Web


Turn any website of your choice into a podcast.

Problem: I got bored reading a lengthy article about Neuralink ( So, I needed someone to read it for me.

How it works: Browse to the web page within the app, tap the Speaker icon.

Additional Features:

➡️ Create playlist of web pages

➡️ Collect the latest RSS feed (if any) of the website

8 Alternatives to Audilog

ReadIT 🔥

Never forget to read a link again

Pocket, Feedly, Twitter Bookmarks. These are some of the places where the links you wanted to "save for later" go to die.

ReadIT 🔥 puts a stop to this broken behavioural pattern by putting an ⏳expiration date on your links. This way, if you really care about reading something you'll make sure to find the time for it, or else it will 💨 disappear.

9 Alternatives to ReadIT 🔥

Is there a product that I can listen to blog posts and download them as MP3 files?

Ben TossellnewCo
Play for Web - Listen to articles from around the web
"The team that made Play for Medium launched a version that works for all websites. Unfortunately it still sounds like a robot and doesn't … See more
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