Alternative products to Planniversary

14 alternative and related products to Planniversary

Never forget a gift or a birthday / anniversary again 🎁📆

Save gift ideas and get email reminders before birthdays and anniversaries.

14 Alternatives to Planniversary

A better way to keep track of your reminders 📝

Reminder 2.0 is the best way to keep track of your reminders on iOS. Quickly add multiple reminders in a row using the return key. Set time and location alarms to make sure you don’t forget the important stuff. The interface was designed to fit right in with other first party apps. Reminder was built to be quick to launch and easy on your battery.

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少数派 - 高品质数字消费指南
少数派曾经介绍过让系统自带的 「提醒事项」变成 iOS 11 风格的 Reminder。而如今,Reminder 的开发者为它更新了 2.0 版本,带来了让这款应用更加好用的一众新功能。中文本土化在 ...
Die Universal-Applikation Reminder gehört zu den Anwendungen, mit denen sich Apples Werks-Applikationen hervorragend ersetzen lassen. So wie Ecoute die Musik-App (zumindest für den Zugriff auf die lokale Mediathek) ersetzen kann, kann Reminder den Platz der Erinnerungen-App einnehmen, arbeitet aber dennoch mit der über iCloud synchronisierten Apple-Datenbank… See more
iPhone in Canada Blog
If you're not a fan of Apple's Reminders app, then you may want to check out the new app called Reminder, made by Canadian developer Mark DiFranco. The app has a very clean user interface, similar to Apple's Home app, creating square tile cards for each reminder you have in a list.
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19 Alternatives to Reminder 2.0

Memento is a modern take on everyday reminders. The interface is optimized to be fluid and simple, allowing you to easily keep track of what's important. You can create lists to help organize your reminders, and add time or location alerts to make sure you don't forget them.

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Originally landing in 2017 as Reminder, the app has consistently added new features to rival Apple's built-in app. With version 3.0, the app is now known as Memento. And that's far from the only change. The best addition is a great Apple Watch app.
iPhone in Canada Blog
Canadian developer Mark DiFranco has updated this Reminder app and re-branded it as Memento. This latest 3.0 update now includes an Apple Watch app with full complication support, support for Siri Shortcuts, an iMessage app, automatic dark mode and more.
Apple's Reminders is one of the few native iOS apps with a database that can be directly tapped into by third-party clients. Like the iOS Calendar app, which has no shortage of alternatives on the App Store, developers can create their own task managers that fully integrate with your Reminders database, offering the convenience of [...]
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10 Alternatives to Memento 3.0 (Formerly Reminder)

A simple way to create reminders for when you need it.

A simple way to create reminders for when you need it, sent and your friends via email. Telegram, SMS and WhatsApp reminders coming soon!

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Ronald Langeveld
27 November 2018 Startup #1 - Please Remind Me I'm currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When I left Korea late 2016, I promised myself to be back on this continent...
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A chatbot that reminds you of your tasks by calling you

Rembo is a Reminder Ninja whose true purpose is to remember things and help people stay on top of their tasks. His sharp mind, unyielding discipline and rigorous training has made him an elite ninja that never forgets, the one who remembers and reminds.

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A leaderboard for birthdays

🎂🎉.to is a leaderboard for birthdays. It’s kind of a game. Every day 20.3 million people celebrate their birthday. For each day only one person can have the unique position to be highlighted on the website. In this way I want to collect all 366 birthday kings 👑.

7 Alternatives to 🎂🎉.to

Never skip celebrating your birthday again

Organizing personal celebrations with Wherat simplifies throwing a birthday party to such a degree, that you'll never skip one again.
We help you
- Start organizing in time for your friends to join
- Ask your guests questions
- Calculate drinks & snacks to buy

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4 Alternatives to Wherat

Birthday prank: send an automatic Slack message, hourly.

This is a Coda doc which lets you automatically send a Slack message to a public channel, every hour, to notify the birthday boy/girl.
Simply update content / images and set it live, and let the doc do the work of amusing and annoying your colleague!

6 Alternatives to The Birthday Bot

Birthday and gift reminder app

Become a birthday hero with Birthdayrama!
This iOS app is all about caring about your dear ones - it is a beautiful birthday and gift reminder app that, besides birthdays, helps you remember awesome gift ideas (+ their location) and become a beloved gift giver!

6 Alternatives to Birthdayrama
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