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6 alternative and related products to PLAiV

An encrypted online planner powered by Blockstack
PLAiV /PLAN/ is perfect for those who like to note down tasks on daily basis.
- Simple user interface
- All your data is ENCRYPTED (you can write down sensitive information without afraid of data breach)
- Unlimited storage (Endless space for tasks)
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6 Alternatives to PLAiV

Essential is a weekly planner that consists of a grid of 21 blocks. Each day has three blocks (morning, afternoon and evening). Writing down a single priority per block forces you to focus on the main thing.

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I've always struggled to concentrate on my tasks. My focus shifted constantly. I had to be in the perfect environment, have one clearly defined task to focus on and force myself not to touch anything distracting. It annoyed me. And every few weeks, it happened again. Sometimes weeks would go by without being productive.
6 Alternatives to Essential

Lannister allows anyone to keep track and analyze the distribution of their holdings both in crypto and fiat (banks, deposits, savings, etc).
It's open-source and encrypted by using Blockstack's decentralized authentication and storage platform.

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Hi all,

I'm really excited to share that last week we launched Frond to the App Store. A personal project that's been bubbling in the background for almost two years, and started off as an idea, one late night, when I was trying to get organised with refurbishing my living room!

I'm passionate about technology, social events, art and travel, so have combined those together to bring frond to life!

I hope you enjoy using it, as much as we enjoyed making it!

The "elevator" pitch and a summary of what the app does:

Frond is the new, intuitive, collaborative and fun way to plan, organize, track, manage and share all your personal projects.

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