Alternative products to Pixelay for Figma

20 alternative and related products to Pixelay for Figma

Pixelay for Figma
Compare Figma designs with your build using browser overlays
• Compare multiple Figma designs and URLs at the same time.
• No user accounts, browser extensions or apps required.
• Overlays: Transparent, split screen, toggle, drag and diff.
• Optionally specify different website page URLs per Figma frame.
• Supports localhost using BrowerSync or Hot Module Reloading.
20 Alternatives to Pixelay for Figma

Design Lint is a free and open source plugin for Figma built to help you find and fix errors in your designs. The plugin finds missing styles within your designs on all your layers (text, fills, strokes, border radius, and effects).

13 Alternatives to Design Lint

Viewports let you preview display sizes and market share of various viewports present in Apple and Google device lineup! Just select the frames you would like to work with, fire up the plugin, select the display size, and boom! Your mockups are resized!

25 Alternatives to Viewports

Doodlebug is a new way for designers and developers to build great websites faster. Overlay designs from Figma in Chrome, and give developers a pixel-perfect guide to build against. Make it easy for your team to spot visual "bugs" with Doodlebug.

5 Alternatives to Doodlebug

Figma plugin to make math shapes and curves. Choose from Polar Rose, Trigonometric functions, Polygons, Spirals of different kinds, Superellipse, Astroid and modify multiple parameters to get complex shapes with ease.

21 Alternatives to Geometric

The missing extension to the Scale tool in Figma.
This plugin allows you to set a specific height or width, and scale multiple elements at once.

9 Alternatives to Scale
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