Alternative products to Pikachu's Global Adventure

3 alternative and related products to Pikachu's Global Adventure

Pikachu's Global Adventure
The rise and fall of Pokemon
3 Alternatives to Pikachu's Global Adventure

The Pikachu Programming Language is a programming language built only for Pikachus, aiming to provide this underserved Pokemon with suitable alternative career options.

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Short Bytes: Esoteric programming languages or esolangs are those designed for fun with crazy syntax. But they have a hidden purpose - exploring the nature of programming languages and computability with a minimalistic design. This post sheds some light on the wonderful world of esolangs. The following is a valid program.
3 Alternatives to The Pikachu Programming Language

Can you fix the game in time?

Can you fix the game in time?

Release is coming very soon, and several glitches have been reported. Your job is to fix them in time.

Each level features a different set of glitches that will affect the gameplay: low gravity, water physics, larger enemies, bigger explosions... and many more (there are currently over 40 glitches).

8 Alternatives to Glitchbuster
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