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Phone Call Translator alternatives and competitors

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> You can call both mobile phones and landlines.
> You can call to all countries all over the world.
> Translation is carried out in 30 popular languages.
> A lot cheaper than roaming calls.
> No need to install the app for a people you are calling!
Automate SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance in weeks
  • Communicate with your colleagues from all over the world regardless of language barriers with Lingvanex Translator for Slack! The app gives you a high-quality automatic translation of messages, large documents, and images into 112 languages.
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  • Mate Translate

    Translate voice and text Into 100 languages on all devices
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  • The iTranslate Keyboard gives you instant translations with ease in any of your favorite messaging apps, e.g. WhatsApp, iMessage or Facebook Messenger, or directly translate in any Email app.
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  • “Say That For Me” is designed to serve as a great assistant to those people who can not speak for some reason... or they can, but they don’t want to do that :) It is your best voice assistant for everyday. Let it be your voice!

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    How can this be affiliate marketed?

  • Goodcall

    Free options
    Free phone number with an AI assistant that can answer the common requests coming into local businesses. You can customize when it answers, how it greets callers, when it forwards them to your main business line and more.
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  • Mymanu CLIK +

    Smart wireless earbuds with real time voice translation.
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  • Speak & Translate

    Instant Voice & Text Translator with Speech and Dictionary
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  • Tragl is the smartest hands-free live translator

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    helps with my daughters lectures

  • Mymanu Translate

    Mymanu® Translate is a uniquely designed, live voice-to-voice translation APP to help individuals and businesses communicate simultaneously in 29 different languages on a “one-on-one” basis and as a group wherever the participants are in the world.

    The group translation is unique and secured by password specifically chosen by you so you can invite who you like to join in.

    The speech-to-text system will generate a transcript of the conversation on each participant’s phone screen so you can refer to it later on. Its own proprietary speech recognition will enable you understand more than 4 billion people around the world without having to type a single word.

    Mymanu® Translate will help you create new experience and embrace new culture.

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  • Kiara Translator

    Free options
    Kiara Translator helps to communicate with anyone in the world with supported 100 languages in Slack. We make it easy for anyone to communicate on Slack regardless of language preference.
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  • TranslateQuick

    In Latin America, people tend to send voice messages rather than text messages on WhatsApp. TranslateQuick provides Spanish to English translation services for WhatsApp voice messages. Never be frustrated not understanding Spanish voice messages again.
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  • i18ncore

    Free options
    i18ncore provides localisation as a service, we can easily integrate with most major source control applications to allow you to easily manage you localisation workflow.
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  • TalkNow Voice Calling

    Tired of waiting for your messages or calls to be answered?
    Say “goodbye” to waiting around for others to pick up.
    Simply long tap on their contact, record whatever’s on your mind, and let TalkNow make the call for you.
    No time dialling, no time wasted.
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  • UIslator

    Free options
    UIslator uses ML to localises and contextualises your copy so you can avoid any mistranslation and embarrassing errors.
    So you can focus on providing the best user experience for your audience.
    Beta platform: Figma
    Beta language: English -> Chinese
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