Alternative products to PH Browser Notifications

5 alternative and related products to PH Browser Notifications

PH Browser Notifications
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5 Alternatives to PH Browser Notifications

A better way to notify users on web apps.

How do you notify your users about things require their attention and ensure that it gets read?

Engagespot is the easiest way to notify your users via

* In-Site realtime notifications - If they're online

* Native push - If they're away

* Notification Centre - If they missed both of the above, they'll see your notifications inside the web app.

Mikail Gurbuz
Mikail Gurbuz- Founder @AwayTake
Practical way to implement push notifications to your website. I loved the idea and implementation, will use it in my projects.
8 Alternatives to Engagespot

Rethink remarketing with relevant product reminders

Web Push Notifications are a straightforward and effective way for brands to deliver relevant product reminders to shoppers who have previously browsed their website.

Personal, timely, visually engaging and uniquely commercially-focussed, Web Push Notifications are the perfect way to keep products front of mind.

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In the wake of GDPR, marketers were uncertain about whether remarketing, used to re-engage visitors and increase conversions, would continue to be an effective marketing strategy. A few months on, has email remarketing survived and how can adding channels such as push notifications boost results?
5 Alternatives to Web Push Notifications
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