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Share access to accounts without sending a username/password

Ben Lang- Spoke
This is a game changer in terms of extensions. It's simple and will save you so much time and pain.
Ben Lang- Spoke
Instead of wasting time changing passwords, sending passwords, just use this extension, it's a lifesaver.
Justin Fowler- Business Analyst,
Yesss thank you so much
Chrome: Maybe you're working with someone who needs access to your accounts, or maybe you just want to share your Netflix with someone. Whatever the reason, if you want to share your online accounts without giving out your password, AccessURL allows you to do just that.
I've redesigned and built the dashboard from scratch. Re-login to accounts shared with you Sometimes people get logged out of their friend or colleague's account and need to get back in (or they're on a different computer). Before, you often had to dig through chat logs to find the access url.
If you've ever read a password guide, one of the tenets - apart from having a strong password in the first place - is to never share your password with anyone else.
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Best Password Manager & Secure Digital Wallet.

Ben Lang- Spoke
Dashlane is a great password manager to try out.
Shervin- Research Engineer
I like Dashlane. It has a great iOS Safari extension, works great on all my browser on my computer (through extensions), and does a good job of synchronizing everything. It's also nice to have the auto-changing password feature, on some website it can automatically change the password for you (better security to update passwords every once in a while). Edit… See more
Julien Gomez- Founder, EEWORX
Dashlane is a very good one too! Browser extensions, mobile app,.... everything exists & works well!!
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The Leading Secure Password Manager and Digital Vault

Marian Kanev- Entrepreneurship, growth hacking, drones
Keeper is quite good. Let's you save URLs, usernames and passwords. You can use their browser extensions and whenever you are logged in keeper's vault logging in to any website that you have saved your password to is a breeze. Much better than the browser's password collection as you can use Keeper on any computer. Their mobile apps are also good and you hav… See more
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