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PepperTab alternatives and competitors

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PepperTab is a browser extension that will replace the page you see when you open a new tab.
✔️Take notes
✔️Create todos
✔️Google calendar
✔️Favorite websites
✔️Beautiful wallpapers
✔️100% free. No tracking, No data sent to server.
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Create powerful apps with no code
  • Routine (YC W21) combines tasks, notes and calendar into one fast productivity app.
    ⚡️ Capture tasks and notes in one central place
    ⏳ Secure time to work on what is most important
    🔗 Link information to time e.g meeting notes
    Give it a try: routine.co
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  • Taskade for Chrome is the easiest way to capture your thoughts and stay organized. ✍️

    Start a list for yourself or collaborate with your team and work together in real-time. 🚀

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    Nice alternative to workflowy!

  • To enhance your productivity, Tweek is built around a week calendar view without any hourly scheduling. We’d say it’s the best view to organize your life and work without stress. Use it online or print it on the wall.
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  • Stack 2.0

    Stack 2.0 is a Chrome Extension which enables you to rapidly take key-value based notes within a new tab.

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  • Notebook for Windows is a note-taking application that lets you take text notes, create checklists, add files and photos. Notebook is now available across all devices.
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    Love notebooks and making notes. Will check out this one. Looks so lovely and beautiful! Also like a 'smart card'

  • Simple Todo

    Simple Todo is a customizable replacement for the browser's new tab page.
    👉 Manage todo items across three predefined lists
    🌒 Dark mode
    🎨 Configurable color schemes
    🏞 Background images from Unsplash
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  • Organize your tabs and bookmarks in Chrome, manage tasks (to-do) and take quick notes. Save all open tabs as a session to restore them later. Open multiple tabs with a single click.

    + accurate 5-day weather forecast and stunning backgrounds for Chrome new tab.

    Jety is a real productivity booster for your daily workflow, try it now!

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    Nicely designed. I would reccomend this to anyone as a personal organizer.

  • New Tab Todo is a simple browser extension which lets you add and manage your day-to-day tasks whenever you open your browser's new tab!
    Try it & you'll love it..
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  • Peek A Tab

    A simple, effortless tab manager for chrome
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  • Markdown New Tab

    Markdown New Tab is a replacement for the default browser New Tab page. You can take down notes 🗒️, create checklists ☑️ etc., and all other Markdown frills!
    Your notes, revision history and settings will be synced between all your browser instances.
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  • Zet ⚡️

    An extension made for power users to boost the productivity. No need to move the mouse cursor, do quick navigation between tabs, mute-unmute them, etc. with a quick access popup on any page.
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  • Quick Notes

    Quick Notes lets you make all your notes accessible at the launch a new tab.
    Organize and color code them as you please. Add rich formatted text, images and links. Also, drag and drop pretty much any thing you find interesting while you browse the web.
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  • 🌝Make your new tab an editor.🌝
    NewTabEditor can make your new tab an editor.
    Tap it and immediately start recording.
    You can use markdown or richtext.
    You can record with title, bold text, emoji, table, code and more.
    Use it now to make record easier~
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  • Draggable Todo is a clean, simple, but fast and powerful to-do list for Chrome browser's new tab. You can easily create or edit your task, add tasks with links, and even drag tasks to sort as you want.
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  • BriskNote

    Make your life more productive with every new browser tab you open. Take quick notes, and access them on the BriskNote mobile app and vice versa. BriskNote is the middle ground between oversimplified sticky notes and complex desktop note-taking software.

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  • NAK Tab Manager

    NAK is a lightweight chrome extension and Web App that allow users or organize and share tabs with others. They can keep personal collections or add people to teams to share together.
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