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5 alternative and related products to Peek in

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Watch people use your web app in real time

5 Alternatives to Peek in

Web analytics with full session playback, now free

Isiah Hill
Isiah Hill
I would definitely recommend this tool, and would also checkout Heap Analytics (, it's like Google Analytics on steroids.
FerminRP- Growth Hacker
Not sure its lightweight and not sure it counts as an alternative. But Fullstory's free tier has really helped us understand what our users were doing, with no extra cost.
John- Founder
Understand your users like never before
8 Alternatives to Fullstory Free

The first native marketing solution for chat is the first native marketing solution for chat & messaging. We connect your brand with the most passionate audience where they already are, on a smartphone, inside a messaging app, chatting.

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The longer you stay in a store, the more stuff you'll see, and the more stuff you see, the more you'll buy. But what happens when we stop going to stores? Shoppers are now doing half of their online spending through marketplaces, and that could rise to two-thirds in five years, according to a report last year from Forrester Research.
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