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PayID alternatives and competitors

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PayID is a protocol that connects siloed payment networks through a universal address. A PayID (e.g. alice$example.com) can map to the URL https://example.com/alice and resolve to Alice's address on an underlying payment network (e.g. bank or blockchain).
Top PayID alternatives
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  • Charge for Stripe

    Charge for Stripe is the easiest way to accept payments directly on your phone. Accept credit card payments with just a tap plus view beautiful charts and detailed sales, customer & payout data from your Stripe account all in the one place.

    Built to allow my wife to accept payments when selling her jewellery at local markets. I hope you enjoy it!

  • ParrotMob enables one-to-one customer experiences for businesses - all powered by SMS. Our Conversational Commerce Platform drives mobile revenue growth with 1 click Pay by Text, Product Recommendations, and personalized 1:1 customer engagement.
  • A revolutionary digital wallet app which allows you to manage your digital assets, supports multiple DApps, and the only app with the unique feature to send/receive Digital Currency and Crypto Assets via an integration with the social chat platform, Telegram.
  • crypto-to.me

    Hello! crypto-to.me is a portfolio-style website that allows you to share direct links to all of your cryptocurrency addresses - all in one custom unique URL.
  • NOWPayments is a non-custodial cryptocurrency payment processing platform. Accept payments in a wide range of cryptos and get them instantly converted into a coin of your choice and sent to your wallet. Keeping it simple β€” no excess.
  • Cloosiv

    Cloosiv allows you to skip the line and save money at your favorite local coffee shops! With Cloosiv you can discover nearby coffee shops, select your drink and food items, and place an order for pick up. The best part - with each purchase you make, you’ll earn rewards that can be redeemed as actual savings anywhere that Cloosiv is accepted.

  • MoonPay

    The global payment solution for cryptocurrency that is simple, powerful, and painless to integrate. A payments infrastructure for crypto that provides a seamless experience for converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies
  • Trriple mWallet

    Easy & quick mobile payment platform
  • sendmethe.money

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    Hello makers,
    sendmethe.money is a simple tool allowing you to share your crypto wallet public addresses with a simple to remember URL like sendmethe.money/your-nickname.
    It's anonymous, free, and doesn't require any email or informations of any kind.