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Patreon alternatives and competitors

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Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid.

Fans pay you a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences & behind-the-scenes content.

Predictable income from your patrons means you can create on your terms. No strings attached.

Top alternatives for Patreon

Ship your mobile app faster, with fewer bugs
  • Buy Me a Coffee

    Buy Me a Coffee help creators receive support from their audience in a friendly way 🎉

    😻Set up a page like this in 2 minutes

    💰Accept donations via Paypal, Card & Apple/Android Pay

    🎁Reward your supporters

    Hook up to Stripe or PayPal, fill out your profile... done. easy peasy

  • Ghost 4.0

    No betas. Just dreams.
  • GitHub Sponsors

    Connect with the community that depends on your work.
    Receive recurring funds to build our shared digital infrastructure.
  • Daisie

    4 reviews

    Daisie is where people find their people, get inspired, and make real progress together. It’s a new route into the creative world; through connections made organically and the natural development of skills.


  • Podia

    1 review

    Podia is the best way to sell memberships, online courses and digital downloads. Best checkout process. Faster payouts. Amazing support.

    Last year, I made Coach my online store. Well, they've just re-branded to Podia and introduced a major new feature: makers can now sell memb…

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  • Cent

    5 reviews
    Cent is where Creators + fans earn income together. There are 2 'mechanisms':
    1) 'Seed a Creator' and get rewarded.
    2) 'Spot' a post, and show you like it.
    Both put your money where your mouth is.
    Try it out. There are a lot of amazing artists to support.
  • Drip by Kickstarter

    Fund your creative practice through the ongoing support of people who love your work.

  • BuyMeACryptoCoffee

    6 reviews
    Move on from traditional currency, and easily get support from your audience in Crypto.
    Not a creator? You can show support to your favorite creators with just their wallet addresses! And also add a few words of gratitude.
  • Beacons

    Beacons is a mobile website builder for creators on TikTok and Instagram, with e-commerce and monetization built in. Set up a beautiful page in one minute.
  • Stream

    2 reviews
    Stream is the easiest way to promote, monetize, and livestream virtual events for your audience.
  • Level Music

    A simple and easy way for artists to release their music on major music services without any upfront charges, contracts or distribution fees while retaining 100% of their rights and royalties.


    it's free!

  • Womentum

    1 review
    Invest in female entrepreneurs in developing countries
  • Fundabit.co

    2 reviews
    Bringing creator & fans closer together. Fundabit merges recurring-patronage & crypto. Independent creators own their smart contract and thus their audience. It handles the P2P payments and allows for automatic monthly subscriptions from the user's own wallet.

    Honestly speaking I have no clue about crypto currency. But I can tell you that the founder is a great person who I worked and studied with …

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  • Soundwise

    Sell audiobooks, podcasts, audio courses & music under one roof:
    📱securely deliver paid audio on mobile
    💰charge subscription, rental, & one-time fees
    🎧bundle & sell streaming library
    💌 build email list with audio
    ♻️ auto-convert Youtube channel into podcasts
  • OpenCollective

    A virtual entity for your community, transparent by design.
  • LiveKlass

    3 reviews
    LiveKlass is an on-demand skill monetization platform, where anyone can schedule classes, ask the audience to enroll, and make money. The features include real-time video/audio collaboration, screen-sharing capability, real-time whiteboard, text messaging etc.
  • Ko-fi

    9 reviews

    Ko-fi.com is the free and friendly way to receive donations from fans who love your work. If you make art, run a blog, write code or simply want to make some money from your side hustle, Ko-fi.com has already helped people just like you receive $2.2m in direct donations. Not into coffee? Not a problem, coffee is just a metaphor for the donation.


  • POWR for Zoom

    Boost sign ups for your Zoom meetings and get paid securely in an instant with POWR's apps for Zoom.
    🎟 Secure Registration Forms with Payments
    🟦 Pop Up Registration Forms
    💰 Donation & Payment Buttons
    Get started free today!
  • Presubscribe

    Creators and makers who want to go indie are often worried about how to estimate their subscriber base. Presubscribe.me lets fans "presubscribe" to their favorite writers, musicians, photographers, etc by suggesting what they'd pay as a monthly subscription.
  • Donorbox

    Donorbox is a powerful fundraising software that supports the latest payment tech such as Apple Pay, low fee ach bank transfer, and Google Pay.

    It helps you to quickly embed an optimized recurring donation forms on any website.

    Donations can be set as one time or recurring and developers can also easily add custom form fields.

    The team is very responsive to feedback