Alternative products to Pathwright 2

7 alternative and related products to Pathwright 2

Pathwright 2

A beautiful, personal web app for teaching people anything.

7 Alternatives to Pathwright 2

Create and sell guided programs to your followers.

Guidable is an app (iOS and Android) that helps experts create and sell guided programs to their followers.

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Hey world, over the past year I've been working on an app in my spare time: Guidable. Guidable helps experts create and sell guided programs. Let's say you are an expert at cooking simple, healthy meals. With Guidable, you can create a guided step-by-step program that teaches others how to "Cook 30 easy recipes in 30 days"- a sell it for a few bucks.
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Design interactive learning for active brains

Blocks by Pathwright is ANOTHER new way of creating learning routes from my friends at Pathwright. This team is really in touch with how to get education out there. We'll be using Pathwright on some new initiatives for Really Good Emails and I couldn't be more excited about the ways this team approaches product. It's gonna be so cake. Great work!

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We're excited to officially announce the biggest new feature we've built to date: Blocks. Blocks gives you the power to design effective, engaging learning content like never before.
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A web conferencing platform designed for online instruction.

newrow_ smart is a browser based online learning platform. With newrow_ smart, you can create, brand and manage your online school, develop structured self paced courses and engage your learners face-to-face online as if they are in the same room with powerful virtual classrooms. Learn more at

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Enhance your instructor led classes with self paced courses. There is a reason why self paced courses are trending upwards! Self paced learning is one of the more recognizable trends in online learning. From MOOC's to your favorite online tools offering online academies, self paced learning is everywhere.
In this post, we're going to talk about blended learning and how utilizing newrow_ smart can not only replicate the physical classroom online, but with a little-bit of production know-how can maybe even improve upon it. So, what's blended learning? Blended learning education programs combine online tools and media with the traditional physical classroom or t… See more
Our mission is to provide a browser-based platform for online teaching and learning as dynamic and inspiring as the physical classroom. To do this, we build products that enable teachers and students to connect face-to-face in an interactive, browser-based online classroom.
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