Alternative products to Party with a Local 3.0: Events

Party with a Local 3.0: Events

Never miss out on a party again!

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16 alternative and related products to Party with a Local 3.0: Events

Airbnb Trips

Travel and experience trips with locals

Ian Rumac- Android Developer @ Undabot
Also this - a platform by airbnb to have awesome experiences while on your trip.
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Founder @ Lysa. Ex-Google.
I love Airbnb Trips. You can manage your trip in one place, from accommodation to tours with local hosts.
Pavan Sethi- building things.
Airbnb is very well-known for their great design. While they continue to add new features to their website and app, they are able to maintain the simplistic design they had from the beginning.
12 Alternatives to Airbnb Trips

Cool Cousin

Shaking up the travel world with good old human connection

Anthony Recenello- Dating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden
Curated list of locals that give detailed itinerary.
Yuval Haimovits- Product Manager, Wix
Great new way to get travel recommendation by real people
Lincoln Mondy
Because you can ditch the tourist traps and get real, personal recommendations from a local. You can have a more authentic experience and enjoy a cool sousins' favorite spots.
Itamar Weizman- Cool Cousin
Hey Hunters! I want to introduce ya’ll to Cool Cousin, the friend you wish you had in every city you’re visiting. We are a group of people who LOVE to travel, and I imagine that like you, we refuse to settle for generic experiences while abroad. With time, we’ve grown steadily frustrated with the endless hours of research required to find places that sui… See more
6 Alternatives to Cool Cousin

Meetup for iOS and Android

Discover groups that are all about the things you love

Meetup brings people together in thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life. It is organized around one simple idea: when we get together and do the things that matter to us, we’re at our best. And that’s what Meetup does. It brings people together to do, explore, teach and learn.

Bharath Srinivas
Meetup is another medium that helps you to search for a common interest, meet interesting people and start new friendships
Vinh Pham- 🤤
Meetup is a great way to find groups with similar interests in your area. Like Star Wars? There's probably a group for that. Want to meet up with like-minded entrepreneurs, then you'll probably find that too.
Graham Campbell- 🚀 new ventures, faster
Meetup has an awesome design & UX, and it has grown a pretty solid user base among locals in most cities
WeWork's global empire continues to expand. The $20 billion coworking startup is reportedly set to acquire social networking service Meetup, according to Crunchbase . Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman reportedly told employees about the acquisition on Monday, and mentioned a $30 million figure - but it's not clear "if that was an acquisition price, or a reference t… See more
As a company, Meetup has long embraced its position as a small, mission-driven operation. While other social software companies from the Web 2.0 era, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, focused on keeping their users on their sites for as long as possible, Meetup's purpose was always to get people off the internet.
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Overnight 2.0

Book a last minute room with locals, in seconds.

Asher Hunt- Founder, CEO. Overnight
Really excited about our first major release since launching the app in mid-January. We've gathered a ton of feedback from the awesome community of hosts and guests and today I would like to introduce what we've been hard at work building ... In Spontaneity We Trust: Overnight stays are bringing spontaneous people together all over and today we're launchin… See more
6 Alternatives to Overnight 2.0


The social icebreaker. Connect with new people in new places

Tim Allison- Product Design lead at Zendesk Guide
We're excited to share this with you on PH! Plane has been steadily building a community in Scandinavia and now its time to take off properly. Plane is a new way to swap messages and have convos with people all over the world. We've taken a non-superficial approach to social icebreaking, meaning our experience is more about how you see the world as opposed t… See more
13 Alternatives to Plane


"I never knew that was going on right near me, in my town"

Millions of events from across the internet all in one place. Sikr is for people who want to live life to the fullest. Guaranteed to find something interesting within 20 seconds. No more missed events due to facebook algorithms or messy notifications. A life well lived.

Jay Scott- Founding Member of the Growth Angel Coop
You seen and used this?
2 Alternatives to Sikr


Have more fun. Make more friends. Feed the monkey.

Itchable is about doing stuff you love with other people who love it too. Easily create or find activities (we call them, Itches) you’d like to do, start a conversation, then go and do it! No matter what you're itching to do, we guarantee there are others ready to join you! We're trying to bring SOCIAL back to LIFE.

8 Alternatives to Itchable


Friends for when you travel

Steven Rueter- Developer
This is the new and improved version of Kindred (released 5 Jan 2017), rebuilt from the ground up. After the last iteration, it became very clear that people are just not that open to meeting random people through an app while traveling. It just doesn't feel safe. After a trip to the hometown of a friend from college and meeting his awesome friends, the r… See more
3 Alternatives to Kindred


Create and discover events and moments

Ashley Poorun- CoFounder @ BeeLoops
The word Wakati come from Swahili meaning Time and Moment. Wakati is centered around moments; A ‘Moment’ is an invitation for you to join together with fellow humans on this life journey, celebrating this innate human nature of gathering together. You will be able to plan physical moments with friends, family and the society around you. Moment specific phot… See more
3 Alternatives to Wakati

What's the best product for discovering cool people or potential allies you should meet?

Colin Brauns-
Buzzsumo - Identify the most shared links and key influencers
"Hi! I recommend BuzzSumo to find influencers from different industries on Twitter."
Party with a Local 3.0: Events - Never miss out on a party again!
"Well I'm biased, because I'm the Founder, but it's definitely an app designed to discover and connect with cool people (and meet them at ev… See more

What is the best app to find people to hangout with in a new city?

AleksandraProduct marketing
Meetup for iOS and Android - Discover groups that are all about the things you love
"This is what I used when I moved to San Francisco"
Tinder 4.0 - Tinder, now with #TinderMoments photos
"This one too, hahah."
Party with a Local 3.0: Events - Never miss out on a party again!
"Depending on what you're into (i.e. partying, clubbing, etc), this can be a useful way to find a local crowd to hang with."
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