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Pamphlet alternatives and competitors

Pamphlet is a ghost theme specially designed for building personal websites and portfolios.

Whether you are designer, programmer, entrepreneur, writer, engineer, photographer, scientist, musician or a painter, You can use pamphlet for showcasing your work, thoughts and ideas.

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  • Carrd lets you build one-page sites for pretty much anything, whether it's a personal profile, a landing page to capture emails, or something more elaborate. It's simple, responsive, and totally free.

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    Still using Carrd to crank out and test landing pages and personal mini sites for my various hobbies. Hands down can't go back to using anyt…See more
  • Update: We just released Standard Resume 2.0!


    Standard Resume is the easiest way to make a modern resume that hiring managers and recruiters will love.

    Note: LinkedIn import is working now!

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    I really love this product!!! Simple and beautiful

  • Drag and drop resume snippets to build an impressive online resume in minutes.

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  • Ceev is an extension for Google Chrome that transforms your LinkedIn profile page into a ready-to-print (or save) one-page resume. You can customize the theme, colors, fonts, and more.

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    Mitch was responsive to fix tiny bugs that I reported earlier. The UX is great. Loved the whole experience of generating a PDF within 30 sec…

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  • Tidl

    Smart portfolio and resume tool
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  • Wozber focuses on content and provides the easy way to build a high quality, targeted resume:

    - Instantly analyze job ads

    - Write your resume and cover letter, step by step

    - Follow virtual assistant that will provide all the needed help

    - Customize resume design

    - Use multilingual resume templates

    - Manage resume versions

    Try Wozber for free!

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    I've used this product only for a day. I'd recommend it to others looking for a job.

  • "Top Personal Websites" contains a list of 100+ handpicked personal sites that have either eye-catching design or great content.
    The list contains the person's name, profession, website URL, tech used, and a screenshot of the website.
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  • Job-targeted resumes that increase your shortlist rate.

    Our resume builder gives you resume content targeted for 50+ jobs & 20+ modern designs.

    Create some good looking resumes in 3 simple steps. Share, edit, save or ask for expert help as you build!

    Give us a try, & as you fall in love, use HIRATIONPH for a 25% off on the premium plan.

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    Would be a wow factor to have content editing prompts like "Do you want to quantify your outcome for work at job X?"

  • Urspace is a home for all your professional and personal work--from experiences, to projects, to blog posts. We'll build you a website and resume so you can focus on creating and making 🎉
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  • Resyum

    A very simple online resumé maker.
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  • 4 AM Thoughts

    Payment required
    This theme is not modern, it's classy.
    It's not "wham, in your face", it's calm and elegant.
    This theme isn't for everyone, it's for the exquisite.
    Put your content front and center with this delicate theme, fully integrating Ghost 4.0+
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