Alternative products to OWOX BI Pipeline

10 alternative and related products to OWOX BI Pipeline

OWOX BI Pipeline
Build up an end-to-end analytics system

Collect and combine data about user behavior and ad costs with the information about offline from your CRM or ERP system, all in Google BigQuery.

10 Alternatives to OWOX BI Pipeline

Simple, trustworthy website analytics (finally)

Fathom Analytics is a simpler and more privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.

Fathom respects the privacy of your users and does not collect any personally identifiable information. All while giving you the information you need about your site, so you can make smarter decisions about your design and content.

Peter Genčur
Peter Genčur- Designer & Developer
Just a few months old, looks promising. Rather simple one.
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Fathom Analytics provides simple and useful website stats that focus on user privacy.
If we aren't paying for the product, we are the product.
Danny van Kooten
As I was browsing my Twitter feed a few weeks ago, I came across the following tweet.
26 Alternatives to Fathom Analytics

Until now, most available resources only list tactics and “growth hacks,” offering little guidance on developing a comprehensive retention strategy. The Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Retention fills that gap; it's the culmination of years of working with the industry's top product teams and retention experts.

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Automate your CI/CD pipeline with 30+ supported integrations

Bitbucket Pipes helps developers build powerful, automated CI/CD workflows with ease. We partnered with 17+ vendors including AWS, Google, & Microsoft to create pipes to help you take the hassle out of creating, updating, or re-configuring your pipelines.

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Business Insider
On Thursday, Atlassian launched a new tool for its code collaboration tool Bitbucket, called Bitbucket Pipes. Bitbucket Pipes is a continuous integration tool, which means it helps developers release code faster and more often. Bitbucket competitors GitHub and GitLab also have similar tools, showing that these three companies are following a greater trend ar… See more
DevOps can be a bear sometimes. A decent portion of the work involves setting up continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, which help automate app building, testing, and deployment - essentially acting as bridges between operations and development teams. That might sound simple enough, but connecting tools and writing integrations for countless … See more
5 Alternatives to Bitbucket Pipes
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