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Edit photos and add text & captions — now with collaboration
8 Alternatives to Over 5.0

The fastest and most powerful photo editor for iPhone

Darkroom makes it easier and faster than ever to develop the perfect look for your photos. Skip the import process and start editing in our refreshingly simple interface. Make and edit filters with using our powerful yet easy to use Premium Pro Tools.

Antoine Plu
Antoine Plu- Freelance Designer
Along with Halide, great combination 👍🏻
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Darkroom by Bergen befindet sich seit dem ersten Release vor knapp 2½ Jahren auf meinem iPhone und gehört meiner Meinung nach zu den besten mobilen Anwendungen, wenn es darum geht, Bildern etwas mehr Schliff zu verleihen.
The fastest and most powerful photo editor for iPhone.
雖然 iOS 已經有內建濾鏡以及修圖功能,但用過的人一定都知道,不是很好用,像是要調整光線、顏色等之類的細節時,都要進入第二層選單選擇,而一個調整完後,還要再次進入選單選擇下一個,沒辦法在一個畫面完成所有調整,設計得非常麻煩。而這款 Darkroom 就是一款可以取代 iOS 內建的免費 App,不僅修圖功能豐富,還提供非常多濾鏡效果,另外也預設非常多種常用的裁切比例,16:9、Instagram、甚至橫式電影比例都有,這也是 iOS 內建所沒有的功能。 Darkroom 支援繁體中文介面,剛打開會顯示簡易的教學,有興趣的讀者可以看看。另外還有一頁會詢問要不要購買專業工具,筆者是認為免費版就很夠用了,除非你是專業攝影玩家,才會需要用到曲線、色彩這種進階調整工具: 這款是專職修圖的 App,所以它並不提供相機功能… See more
iPhone Life's resident iPhoneographer and Managing Editor Rheanne Taylor has a favorite photo editing app that she uses constantly for her polishing her photos: Darkroom Photo Editor (free). But it's not just her-avid photographers will tell you their all-time favorite filter from Darkroom at the drop of a hat, and a quick look at the app's review will tell … See more
We're very proud to finally announce RAW editing support, as well as Large JPEG and Live Photo editing support. All these features are enabled by the brand new Darkroom Engine built on the latest Apple technology which allows us to provide much deeper integration with the system, and much faster performance.
The Sweet Setup
When we first looked at photo editing apps for the iPhone several years ago, VSCO was a clear frontrunner, with its wide range of gorgeous filters, deep editing tools, and easy export options. Last year, though, they rolled out an update that made the app confusing to use; meanwhile, Darkroom got a bunch of updates that made it our top pick.
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A creative photo editor for iOS by the makers of Facetune

Enlighten your photos with Enlight Photofox. It is available for iOS devices and it is unbelievably cool for making unique and creative pictures! You can create pieces of art from your ideas and your pictures. It comes with a variety of tools like brushes, tonal adjustments, presets, effects to let you alter your captured moments.

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Lightricks, the maker of the popular selfie-correcting app Facetune, is debuting a new photo-editing app today called Enlight Photofox. This is the second time that Lightricks has launched the next generation of an existing app as an entirely new, standalone application - a strategy that's still somewhat rare on today's App Store, outside of sequels to games… See more
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App & crowdsource service that edits any photo in hours

Krome Business Studio edits/designs business photos for use in e-commerce listings & digital advertising. Krome Family Studio creates high quality photos from phone snaps. Krome’s technology works in tandem with a team of pro photo editors to create quality, customized images in hours at a fraction of the cost of current photo services.

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Uploaded by FOX40 News on 2018-11-01.
Let's be real, when you're fresh off a breakup, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning your ex from your social media accounts. Like, it's not enough that your heart is broken, but now you have to scrub your shared vacation pics off your insta?
Krome Studio
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- If you're looking for a way to turn ho-hum mobile or other digital family photos into images as crisp and creative as if they came from a professional photo shoot, meet Krome Family Studio - a phone/web app that puts a real photo studio in your pocket.
Washington Post
August 3, 2018 There was a time, not so long ago, when your travel destination determined your photos. Now, experts say, your photos increasingly determine your travel destination. That's because Instagram has turned "travel bragging" - posting alluring images from exotic locales to one-up your followers - into something of an art form.
If it's not on Instagram, it didn't happen. Now, a photo editing website and app is providing a service to make it look like it did happen--even if it didn't. Krome Photos connects their customers with designers to receive an edited photo within hours for $12 or less.
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