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Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

Outplanr is a new tool to help teams better manage their workload. Outplanr fills-in the gap between Project Management tools and resource management, helping allocate tasks according to everyone's availability, and keeping track of their progress in real time - and not only when it's done.

Great integrations with Slack and Asana. Check it out!

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Kin Calendar is the simple and connected calendar

Ben Tossell- Partner, The Upstarters
This is one of many options to choose from, we made a special collection for this very question:
Ben Lang- Spoke
The closest thing to Sunrise out there, but no mobile version sadly. RIP Sunrise, miss you.
Yann- co-founder
We're building a great replacement 😉 The Meet feature will eventually be integrated, though it's not as simple as it sounds.
Yann- co-founder
Hi everyone, Just to let you know that we guarantee an invite in the next 48hrs for people who sign up through ProductHunt 🚀 😍
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Beautiful team chat with tightly integrated task management

bayoyong- Owner, Cinder Creative
Best UI of any project manager I've used. They continue to add features. Love it. Not sure why it hasn't gotten much pub.
Augusto Monteiro- Software Engineer at @MycroftAI
I'm using this one and really liking is easy to add tasks and track it
A_Sky- Search & find the best
We have been using it for 2-3 years now and reduced email by 60% at least. Friendly interface but powerful features...
Lance Jones- Copy Hackers & Airstory
Hey, Product Hunters! We may not be making life-sized Lego blocks, but we’re on a mission to make working together easier for teams. And our team is happy to answer any questions you have about Flow and where we’re headed with it. :-)
40 Alternatives to Flow


Track, allocate, and plan your time

Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Check out LiquidTime, made by high school student, @a9_io. Unlike other task managers, this maps out your time with things you have to do.
Alicia Nguyễn- Sleepy
It's not a time tracker, but it saves all of your time.
Max Krieger- HS Developer/Designer/@getliquidtime
I'm a junior in high school, so what my immediate source of stress this summer was, "How will I make everything fit?!". I realized time is finite, and there's only so much you can do in a day. So I combined time tracking with planning and allocation, and what results is a pretty friendly way to fight procrastination!
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Plan is a collaboration software that intelligently organizes projects, tasks and meetings from all the tools you and your team use: calendar, email, JIRA, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Github. Think of it like a work concierge. Currently, teams and individuals at Buzzfeed, Uber, Twitter and JP Morgan use Plan for a total of 20,000 monthly active users.

Jonathan James- Always Reaching.
I'm using @getplanapp via I see no point in using a "todo" app that isn't extremely comprehensive in it's feature offerings. - plan app integrates with my git repos -- plan app integrates with my calendar(s) --- plan app properly manages push notifications ---- plan app is on desktop, mobile, and web-browser
Nick Abouzeid 🕴- Social & Ship at Product Hunt
Native Mac & iOS apps combine your calendar & to-do list, allowing you to actually schedule time to complete tasks. I used to do this manually in Sunrise (eg. creating a private event with the title "Homework" instead of just leaving it blank) to help myself plan for the day, but Plan is too efficient to ignore. 👌 Can't recommend it enough (especia… See more
Nick Abouzeid 🕴- Social & Ship at Product Hunt
Native Mac & iOS apps combine your calendar & to-do list, allowing you to actually schedule time to complete tasks. I used to do this manually in Sunrise (eg. creating a private event with the title "Homework" instead of just leaving it blank) to help myself plan for the day, but Plan is too efficient to ignore. 👌 Can't recommend it enough (especia… See more
Today, we have a variety of apps to manage our days - calendars, task lists, reminders, notes, and more. But the apps don't always interoperate, and having the information in separate silos can make it hard to get a handle on how to properly manage our time, or how our tasks connect.
16 Alternatives to Plan 1.0

Basecamp 3

The best version of Basecamp ever made

Lachlan Campbell- Code, apps, design, high school.
Basecamp is one place for everything. It's saner and calmer than apps like Slack, valuing everyone's time and attention, and it's fabulously designed. I love it :)
Nadia Sotnikova- I build remote workspaces. 🚀
I'd say Slack, but depending on what you do Basecamp 3 can also be great
Zaid Dabus- Digital Marketer & Freelancer
I've used a few PM tools over the last four years and my favorite is hands down Basecamp 3! It has card and list views so its convenient for those who aren't the most visual people. I prefer it over Trello solely based on aesthetics - I love the way Basecamp looks and feels on desktop and iphone. I prefer it to Asana because I feel like Asana can get overwhe… See more
30 Alternatives to Basecamp 3

Everhour 2

Accurate time tracking for small and big teams

Kate Krivosheina- Marketing Lead at
This tool will complement your managing processes by a full range of time tracking and reporting opportunities. Moreover, you can wrap your logged hours into beautiful invoices for your customers. Everhour integrates smoothly into Asana, Trello, GitHub, Basecamp, Pivotal and Jira.
Kate Krivosheina- Marketing Lead at
We use Asana together with Everhour time tracking integration. It allows us to set up estimates, control progresses and generate different kinds of reports.
Kate Krivosheina- Marketing Lead at
Everhour completes your project management workflow with estimating, time tracking, reporting and invoicing opportunities. Indispensable tool to manage a team of 5+ members.
Kate Krivosheina- Marketing Lead at
Dear PH'ers! Thanks for your interest in our product. Please feel free to ask us anything. We are here to resolve your productivity issues.
6 Alternatives to Everhour 2

OneView Calendar

The clearest calendar app in the world

Peter Molyneux- Developer
Hi ProductHunt!! This has been my side project for the last years, and it's finally launched. It's a new type of calendar just the way I always wish calendars had worked :) There is a live demo on the landing page, a web app and an Android version launched today. Let me know what you think,
3 Alternatives to OneView Calendar

What collaborative design tools do you use?

David StandenCo-founder, Loveflutter
InVision - Prototyping and collaboration for design teams
"It's a great tool to collaborate with others."
Figma 1.0 - The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration
"Figma is a great collaborative design tool that my team and I currently use."
BeeCanvas - Collect and share media visually
"They are growing fast! check them out."

What is a good team calendar app?

(((Andrew Roiter)))Digital Producer
Trello - Organize anything, together
"We use Trello!"
Google Calendar - Spend less time managing your day, now on iOS
"I would go with Google Calendar. 1. create a secondary calendar for e.g "Team Calendar" in your Google Calendar. 2. Share it with required … See more
IC Project - Simple but useful project management system
"We use only that tool. Looks fantastic. You can make event in calendar with people. More - you can see when that people are busy (have thei… See more

What's the most important tool for your marketing team?

Ben LangSpoke
Intercom - Communicate personally with every single customer.
"Intercom has been so crucial in growing my apps, it's hard to imagine life without it. I use it mainly for the first contact with a lead, a… See more
Driftt - Customer communication app for product marketers
"The reason is simple - we saw incredible growth in lead generation. The direct channel to customers is helping us to get insight on any pot… See more
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"This is the best tool to support communication across different departments, sharing of docs, hosting calls with multiple callers"

What are your favorite small business marketing tools that no one has ever heard about?

Rebecca PollardDigital Marketing Manager, AWeber
Salesflare CRM - Intelligent sales CRM for startups who thrive on technology
"Hands down your go-to CRM that startups love. Salesflare is one of few CRMs that intuitively automates your workflow for you. Your data ent… See more
Teachable - Create and sell online courses on your own website
"There's few better ways to generate interest than sharing great educational insights. Teachable lets you build an online course quick smart… See more - Embed messages into every page you share
"I find Sniply a useful tool for content marketing which can get people back to your site."
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