Alternative products to ŌURA Ring

8 alternative and related products to ŌURA Ring

The world's first smart wellness ring

ŌURA is an award-winning wellness ring and app, designed to help you get more restful sleep and perform better. Learn how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep and how the quality of your sleep affects your ability to take on the day.

Live ready. With ŌURA.

8 Alternatives to ŌURA Ring

Tests for all common causes of abnormal vaginal discharge.

Far more comprehensive than other vaginal discharge tests, the myLAB Box Vaginal Health Combo panel uses advanced DNA technology to detect the specific genetic material causing the infection and deliver extremely accurate results. This is the best method available to screen for abnormal vaginal discharge.

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Protect yourself from your phone's electromagnetic field ⌚

Teslar technology may reduce the negative effects of stress. It replicates Earth’s natural frequency to shield you against the potential harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution.

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In today's world where magnetic fields surround us in our every day life -- from cell phones and covers, to microwaves and even the upcoming 5G -- the World Health Organization estimates that approximately 30% of the population (in first-world countries) is exposed to high levels of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and succumb to the effects of Electromagne… See more
Timex Group Luxury Division has signed a global licensing agreement with Teslar LLC for the development and distribution of Teslar-branded watches. Not to be confused with Tesla, the electric car company, Teslar is a company specialising in systems that protect people from man-made electromagnetic fields.
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