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OrCam alternatives and competitors

1 review
Artificial Vision Wearable for the Blind
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  • Be My Eyes

    5 reviews
    Lend your eyes to the blind

    Great idea, filling a real need for people. The app is straightforward; once you get set up you just wait until you're needed. You get a pus…

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  • Seeing AI

    Talking camera for the blind, by Microsoft
  • Be My Eyes for Android

    4 reviews

    Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind and visually impaired with sighted volunteers from around the world via live video call.

    I use iOS, and am excited that the app is now live on Android as well!

  • Uber Sign Language

    Uber Sign Language teaches users how to sign simple phrases in American Sign Language for better communication with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

  • Supersense

    7 reviews
    An AI scanner app for blind to explore surroundings and read any text format, currency and product details from a barcode independently! With real time instructions and a super accessible UX, it minimizes the scanning challenges even for non tech-savvy users.
  • Google Lookout

    1 review
    Lookout uses computer vision to assist people who are blind or have low vision in gaining information about the world around them.

    I'd like to but if never be able to explain with

  • WeWALK

    2 reviews

    WeWALK is a smart white cane, increases visually impaired to to move independently.

    1. Obstacle Detection: Detects the obstacles above chest level.

    2. Phone Connection: Connected with phones via Bluetooth, to get navigation.

    3. Open Platform: WeWALK’s features will increase by new integrations like Google Maps, Indoor Navigation, Uber/LYFT.

    My wife is a sign language interpreter and often works with deaf and deaf-blind clients. I'm sure she will be interested in this!

  • DayNight

    DayNight is designed to help the blind and visually impaired with day and night awareness by scheduling notifications at sunrise and sunset.

  • Camera for the Blind

    The camera creates 3D photos and videos and has a 3D screen. The screen, inspired by "Pin Toy," is built by numerous 3D pixels that shift depending on the photo to forms the 3D shot on the screen surface (giving the term "touch screen" a new and more literal interpretation).

  • Envision | Sponsorship

    1 review

    Envision is a tool that enables visually impaired people to access visual information around them independently. With Envision, they can read documents, street signs, recognise their friends/belongings and much more. Envision Sponsorship is a way to ensure this tool can empower every visually impaired user with a need but without the means.

    I have been in touch with the development of this product for quite sometime now. Really admire the importance given to user experience righ…

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  • eSight

    1 review

    We make glasses that let the legally blind see. This breakthrough completely changes the lives of the visually impaired.

    demo video was missed on

  • Zungle V2 Viper

    ZUNGLE V2 VIPER let users enjoy music as well as make hand-free phone calls. They have the new Vibra speakers with stronger dual-spring bone conduction speakers on each leg. The new sound system has developed through a partnership with a speaker manufacturer for major tech companies like Samsung and Sony.