Alternative products to Open Benchmarks

6 alternative and related products to Open Benchmarks

Open Benchmarks

Live SaaS metric benchmarks from over 600 companies

6 Alternatives to Open Benchmarks

We’ve pulled from more than 20 hours of conversations with SaaS leaders to build a course that both first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals can benefit from.

We’ll cover:

💸 Understanding revenue (MRR, ARPA etc.)

😍 Increasing customer lifetime value

❌ Reducing churn

📊 Using cohorts and segments to understand customers

And more!

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We've been writing on the topic of data-driven SaaS growth since 2015. Right from that first SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet, our vision was - and remains to this day - that metrics and data are central to sustainable, measured growth.
8 Alternatives to SaaS Metrics Refresher from ChartMogul

Free tool to audit subscription sales

ProfitWell Audit gives you complete transparency into your finances. Click on any metric and drill down into the customers that make it up.

See a spike in sales/churn? Just click on it. Ensure revenue you book aligns with customer activity (and prove that we’re 100% accurate).

Free for Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, Chargebee, and Zuora.

8 Alternatives to Audit by ProfitWell

Hyperfocused SaaS metrics. A microscope for your customers.

Baremetrics Segmentation gives you the ability to dig deep in to your data in ways that were previously impossible. Our goal is to help you answer any questions you have about your business.

Curious what churn is between US & Canadian customers? ✅ Want to know about LTV between B2B & B2C customers? ✅ The possibilities are essentially limitless.

8 Alternatives to Baremetrics Segmentation
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