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16 Alternatives to OneShot

Cite websites, books, papers, articles, podcasts, songs, and much more using Citationsy. When you find a website or link you want to cite, simply click the Citationsy icon in the toolbar (*) and a little window will pop up to let you choose which one of your Citationsy projects you’d like to add the link to.

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Writing essays was the part I liked most about my time at University. Mainly because it meant I got to use iA Writer. The clean, sophisticated look of the app filled me with joy and made writing a truly fun experience. I pitied my friends struggling away with Word, their screen filled with toolbars.
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Yes, I'm going all in Dear friends, In the past I have sometimes mentioned my desire to quit my day job and work on Citationsy full time. Well, I'm fucking doing it. Not because it makes enough money for me to live off (it's not even close yet) but because I'm scared of missing the ...
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Our goal: Create a tool that's 10X better than the next best thing.

The result: We built a program that can crawl 10 or more sites at once, find all the necessary information, and format that data in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard or 8000+ other styles in under 10 seconds! The next best thing takes 10 minutes!

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