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6 alternative and related products to NYT VR

With NYT VR, we bring our readers to the world.
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6 Alternatives to NYT VR

The New York Times Morning Briefing quickly brings you up to speed on the news you need to start your day. Each morning, you'll receive a concise and clear breakdown of our top stories, connections to the broader world, and a little bit of fun.

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We've just inaugurated a new version of the Morning Briefing, and we have a high degree of confidence you're going to like it. Why? Because many of you helped create it. More than 1.7 million Times readers already get the Morning Briefing by email, and hundreds of thousands more read it on our website and apps.
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A cross-functional team figured out how to push a prized and popular product forward - and discovered a new way for The Times to reinvent itself By Andrea Kannapell, Jeanie Kay, Melissa Loder, Shannon Smith and Albert Sun Most of us are trying to catch up from the minute we wake up.
6 Alternatives to New York Times Morning Briefing

Wavy Music is an app that gives people a new way to experience music through augmented reality. We work with musicians to create AR experiences set to their songs, empowering them to connect with their fans on a deeper level.

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Share TweetIt's like an AR lightshow in your living room. San Francisco based startup, Wavy, is looking to help musicians enhance their music videos with AR. The hope is to change the fan listening experience by transforming music into a much deeper visual experience, bringing environments to life using 3D animation and storytelling.
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