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A federated social network, built on Ethereum and IPFS.

Open source, on Ethereum, with built-in support for federation.

No walled gardens here.

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A modular base for any design system

Ether is built on a set of small core libraries. Their simplicity belies the fact that they are the outcome of years of building design systems across projects that range from marketing sites to enterprise applications. These libraries won’t try to do everything. They try to do the right thing.

After years of working with design systems, we set out to craft one that avoids the three major pitfalls we've experienced along the way. Meet Ether. Here at The Scenery we've had the pleasure of working on multiple design systems over the years, spanning from enterprise-scale applications to simple marketing sites.
Which Colors to Include When creating a comprehensive color system you want to make sure that you address color across three main uses: UI Colors - UI colors apply to the core aspects of your interface: buttons, text, and inputs.
Typography systems are collections of individual styles used across an application. Everyone knows that their system should include typography on some level, but the difficulty is defining that system in a way that is easy to understand by designers and developers, and enforces consistency while allowing for flexibility over time.
Just Not Our Type Not ones to settle - we have authority issues as a whole - we decided to take a step back and think about what concept should define the space around our system's components. Then we realized we could base it on the stuff that makes up 98% of our system: our system's type.
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Blockchain-powered Twitter with a soul.

Peepeth is a decentralized alternative to Twitter powered by the Ethereum blockchain. No company or government controls your data; so it's the perfect place to share what matters.

-Uncensorable & unstoppable

-Fun & easy

-Get tips!

-Prove it's you: link Twitter account thru the blockchain

-Charity badges

-Peep on mobile, email notifications, & more

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A decentralized Twitter built on Ethereum

Instead of receiving "likes" on Twitter, you get "tips" for good content on Leeroy - and get paid real ether.

The Blockchain Investments Blog
In 2016, Steemit pioneered the world's first blockchain-based decentralized social network and in my view remains one of the most important blockchain projects today. Boiled down to its simplest form, Steemit is a kind of reddit with the property that creating interesting content, or curating it effectively, will earn users real money on the platform in the … See more
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"what JS did for the web, this will do for the block chain"

Alex Hanschke- CTO, techdev Solutions
It's not about the currency, but about the entire platform enabling a huge number of potential businesses.
R A I Z A- 🍝 I just want to see the spaghetti emoji
If you watch the progress Ethereum has made in the last year, then you'll understand my vote!
Vinit Agrawal- Co-Founder at Tars (
Also these guys
36 Alternatives to Ethereum


Decentralized, censorship resistant social media

Afari is a decentralized social media platform that aims to give people more control of their privacy and data, and reward them for creating quality content that others enjoy.

The web app beta is the first step to achieving those aims. You own all your data on Afari, as it uses Blockstack, a blockchain-based naming and storage system.

Avthar: We all share a common background of being from the African continent, and gravitated towards each other during our freshman year at Princeton. We knew we were interested in entrepreneurship, and were always trying to figure out which technology we could leverage to make the biggest impact.
Afari is a decentralized social media platform that aims to give you more control over your data and privacy and reward you for creating quality content that others enjoy. Felix, Richard and I started Afari (formerly BlockX) in early 2018, while in our senior year at Princeton.
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