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Novorésumé alternatives and competitors

Novorésumé is a professional résumé and cover letter builder that allows you to create the perfect job application through an intuitive and playful process.

Top alternatives for Novorésumé

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  • Standard Resume

    Update: We just released Standard Resume 2.0!


    Standard Resume is the easiest way to make a modern resume that hiring managers and recruiters will love.

    Note: LinkedIn import is working now!

    I really love this product!!! Simple and beautiful

  • Ceev

    Ceev is an extension for Google Chrome that transforms your LinkedIn profile page into a ready-to-print (or save) one-page resume. You can customize the theme, colors, fonts, and more.

    Mitch was responsive to fix tiny bugs that I reported earlier. The UX is great. Loved the whole experience of generating a PDF within 30 sec…

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  • I need a Resume

    Create beautiful free resumes in seconds.
  • Resume Builder

    Resumes in 5 mins. As beautiful one-page websites.
  • Resume Samples

    Resume Samples (now VisualCV) helps you create stunning resumes and personal landing pages.

  • Hack My Résumé

    A swiss army knife for resumes and CVs
  • Standard Resume Pro

    Modern & professional resumes without templates or gimmicks

    I love the idea of "making a customized copy of your resume for each application and then only give that link to one company" but that's onl…

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  • Personality Match

    We have all been in a situation where you are considering changing jobs but you wonder whether your new role and employer will fit you. Usually only time will tell but PersonalityMatch allows you to check your personality for a fit.

    The way it works is simple: just copy over the description of the vacancy, a description of the organisation for which this vacancy is an open position and write something about yourself. When writing about yourself, be sincere and give a general description of yourself, you should explicitly not write it towards the vacancy or organisation - so don't write a motivation letter!

    The way PersonalityMatch works is that it will derive your personality from the text and will match it against the values and interests expressed by the organisation and in the vacancy. You can usually just copy these over from any LinkedIn job posting or similar.