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6 alternative and related products to Nounji by Noun Project

Nounji by Noun Project
Add Noun Project icons to your iMessages
6 Alternatives to Nounji by Noun Project

File hide in folders, visuals live in Lingo

Lingo is a tool for building and sharing digital asset libraries like style guides, UI component libraries and photo libraries. Teams use Lingo to establish a shared design language, which automates consistency and increases efficiency.

Caitlin Bolnick
Caitlin Bolnick- Student & Innovator
I'm a huge fan of Noun Project.
Ahmed- iOS/macOS Engineer. Founder of Flawless
If by word "manage" you mean structure, organize, share and distribute icons or assets across the team – I'd say Lingo is the best tool for this purpose.
Andrei Blanda
Andrei Blanda- Helping SaaSes design their brands.
By designers for designers :)
6 Alternatives to Lingo

Big database of icons/symbols (public domain, cc, etc.)

David Baruchel
David Baruchel- Founder, CaptainParrot & Start The F* Up
Great for icons and for inspiration (how could one simply represent a difficult concept ?...)
Extremely useful and endless!
Sergio Ghibellini
Sergio Ghibellini- UX lover /Motion freak
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