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Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online

Notify is a product that informs you via slack whenever someone mentions your startup name, competitor, event or any topic that you are interested in on Social Media.

We monitor a dozen of sources like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, Product Hunt & Hacker News.

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AppFollow 3.0

Reply to app reviews, manage ASO and monitor app activities

New AppFollow 3.0 with Customer Support tool to respond to user reviews in App Store & Google Play, including Slack Reply bot, Zendesk, Intercom, Helpshift integrations and many more. We help mobile developers run customer support, App Store Optimization (ASO) and monitor any app in the App Store, Google Play & Windows Store. Check it out! Blog
TL;DR: It's been one year since our previous major release. We've introduced brand new ASO and Customer Support tools, optimised data collection, launched Slack Reply bot & integrations with Zendesk & Intercom and much more. 🔥 AppFollow 3.0 is featured right now on Product Hunt. Please, support us with you upvote.
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Better Google alerts.

Miriam Schwab- Founder & CEO, Strattic
Really accurate alerts for mentions of your brand, products, or competitors.
Jonathan Costet- Marketing & Content Manager
Real time monitoring on web, social, TV and radio - the most complete solution out there (by far)!
Thomas Lesenechal- Founder 🇫🇷
I think Mention can be a good fit
14 Alternatives to Mention


Get alerted when someone mentions a keyword you care about

ThreadRadar watches threads and comments on platforms like reddit, Product Hunt, and Hacker News. You specify a keyword that you want us to look out for (e.g. "ecommerce platform") and we'll send you an email and/or a text message whenever this term is mentioned within a comment

6 Alternatives to ThreadRadar

Brand Mentions [Pre-launch]

Find every relevant mention for your brand & competitors

Alin Vlad- CMO, CyberGhost
No other tool reports most of the new mentions for a brand. Google Alerts is broken for years and the other tools report fragmented sets of data. The aim of the tool is to report as many relevant web mentions as possible. It also filters spammy and irrelevant mentions. You can setup email alerts to notify you daily or weekly when new mentions appear.
3 Alternatives to Brand Mentions [Pre-launch]


Get notified immediately when you are mentioned online.

Iva Glavinić
Mediatoolkit is useful is if you need real-time tracking as mentions appear on Twitter. - Real-time tracking - Analyzes sentiment - Has engagement data - You can export all mentions into a sheet (or set up scheduled export once a week / month) - You can export mentions by type of sentiment via Zapier - Automated reports
4 Alternatives to Mediatoolkit

Slash PH for Slack

The product hunt powered slash command

Slash PH is a slash command inside of slack that allows you to view today’s posts on Product Hunt.

You can simply say “/ph “ to return today’s top 5 hunts.

You can also view specific topics inside of Product Hunt by saying “/ph topic” (replacing the word topic for a topic 😁)

You don't have to leave Slack to check out today's hunts!

2 Alternatives to Slash PH for Slack

What are the best slack bots for marketing?

Prasad LingawarGrowth @ Plivo
BRAND24 - Keep track of your brand online.
"We developed our own integration/bot ( last year and what I think makes it noteworthy for marketers is … See more
Statsbot - Google Analytics bot for Slack
"Good for marketing analytics :)"
Notify - Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online
"Good for tracking mentions of brands."

What's the Best Social Listening tool in the market?

Ricardo Murillo CEO Jaskr
BRAND24 - Keep track of your brand online.
"Well, it depends on a few different aspects such as the pricing plans or a variety of features a tool can provide. You'll find tools that a… See more
Notify - Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online
"It can also gives some useful daily/weekly stats on your site visits and visitors, if you connect it with google analytics."

What is the best tool to monitor mentions on the internet as well as social media?

Tejas KingerSaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
BRAND24 - Keep track of your brand online.
"I eat our own dog food so I might by biased, but you could take Brand24 for a spin. We collect mentions from social media as well as news s… See more
Notify - Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online
"Works like a dream with Slack"
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