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19 reviews

Notejoy is a collaborative notes app for you and your team. It helps you get your most important work out of the noise of email & Slack and into a fast and focused workspace. Notejoy is available on Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and the web. Sign up free.

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Docs, wikis, tasks – a minimal & unified workspace for teams
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    I wanted to deploy confluence and thought this was just a mac app but boy was I wrong. I don't think I'll ever use confluence again

  • Plan projects and manage resources with ease.
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    - user friendly.


    - overpriced.

    - no subscription cancellation.

    - contact customer service no feedback(guess is chatbot)

  • A magical editor that blends real-time documents, wiki-like organization, and lightweight tasks into a single tool that can handle pretty much all of your knowledge and collaboration needs.

    It also works offline and syncs great with the browser/Mac/Windows app!

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    We use this as our company wiki and it is far away the best wiki I've ever used.

  • Slite is a simple collaborative documentation tool that helps businesses stay organized and work more thoughtfully.

    Packed with everything your team needs:

    - Collaborative writing, feedback and sharing

    - Powerful search

    - Integrations

    - Easy permissions

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    I used it everyday for months and it's just a game changer. Everything is now in Slite. I tried before Google Docs (bad search, slow, memory…

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  • Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so you can write wherever inspiration strikes.

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    Overall I love Bear. It is beautifully designed. I love the simple interface and the ability to tag notes is amazing. It makes searching …

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  • Dropbox Paper Mobile

    Organize your team’s knowledge in a single place
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  • Dropbox Paper is a place where you and your team can generate ideas together over an internet connection. Share any type of content, make changes to what you already have and get notified when someone else makes suggestions. The creativity flow has always better when teamwork.

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    Use Paper to manage technical stuff and my team, and love it. Just the right number of features, document crosslinking and image embedding f…

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  • Coda 1.0 is a new doc designed to grow with your ideas. It's familiar and approachable like the docs you're used to, and it comes with a new set of building blocks, so you can build docs as powerful as apps. Now available to all and it has mobile now as well :)

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    Love Coda. It's an essential part of our workflow at Akili.vc

  • Supernotes is the best place to collect your thoughts, notes, snippets, and tasks. You can quickly create (note)cards with support for everything from maths equations to to-do lists. Once created, it's simple to share cards with friends. Try now for free.
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  • Manifest is a grid-based pinboard for notes. Simply click and drag anywhere to create a memo and snap it to the grid. All memos can be moved, resized and deleted. Your browser's local storage is also utilized to save notes between sessions and while offline.
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  • Quip 5.0

    Now with project management and a new design
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  • Poda is a simple, visual way to plan and share your product strategy resulting in a more aligned organization.
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  • Skiff

    4 reviews
    Introducing Skiff 0.1. Skiff helps you collaborate on documents and notes with complete privacy. Share anonymous links, work with end-to-end encryption, and automatically expire access.
    ⚡ Signup for free beta access today ––> skiff.org 🔥
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  • Introducing categories, channels, and collections with Bynder Orbit. A more productive way to work with your files, all for free.

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    Orbit is a great tool for both professional and daily usage. You can store work-related files and being sure everything is safe and secure. …

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  • It's about time docs were easy to use, flexible, and actually smart. We designed Input to have the simplicity of writing in a doc, but combined with some of the most powerful features of project management, so remote teams can get more done.
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  • Collaboration software that brings your team together.
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    Complete suite to foster collaboration in my organization

  • Paper

    🔥PWA Based
    📖 OpenSource
    ⛓️ Easy Share
    🔌 No Internet
    🖥️ LocalStorage
    📠 Share through QR
    🌗 Dark/Light Theme
    📱🔄📱 Easy Mobile🔄PC/Mobile Note Transfer
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  • NoteBuddy

    NoteBuddy is a tool where you can collaborate with others live using an online notebook. You can draw, share photos and videos, post sticky notes, chat, and more. Anything you put in the notebook is shown to everybody else instantly.
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  • Bit is an all-in-one document collaboration platform that helps teams and individuals create interactive workplace documents, manage digital content, & track document engagement.

    📄Professional Digital Documents

    👫Real-Time Collaboration

    🚀50+ Rich Integrations

    📊Document Tracking

    💼Digital Content Library

    🤝Branded Documents

    📚Template Gallery

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    I love this app and use it all the time.

  • Birabo

    With Birabo, you will never lose your project files, notes, folders and links again. Share them with your team in one workspace, in real-time.
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