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NoteBuddy alternatives and competitors

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NoteBuddy is a tool where you can collaborate with others live using an online notebook. You can draw, share photos and videos, post sticky notes, chat, and more. Anything you put in the notebook is shown to everybody else instantly.

Top alternatives for NoteBuddy

Import spreadsheets in 60 seconds
  • Notion 2.3

    6 reviews
    Notion 2.3 comes with a swath of new updates including a new simple import tool for Evernote, a new web clipper and much more.

    I second that an API would help us speed up our workflow ⏩

  • Supernotes

    5 reviews
    Supernotes is the best place to collect your thoughts, notes, snippets, and tasks. You can quickly create (note)cards with support for everything from maths equations to to-do lists. Once created, it's simple to share cards with friends. Try now for free.
  • Notejoy

    Notejoy is a collaborative notes app for you and your team. It helps you get your most important work out of the noise of email & Slack and into a fast and focused workspace. Notejoy is available on Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and the web. Sign up free.

    We've been using Notejoy for the past few months at my company and we couldn't be happier. It's the perfect mix of light-weight notes and a …

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  • RexPad

    2 reviews

    Write notes, wikis, and to-do lists in a light, clean, and speedy interface. Organize with hierarchies and tags, and find anything with quick search. Share to collaborate in real time with friends and co-workers.

    Tried it and liked it.

  • Nooot

    Collaborative notes in your browser